Neither Nor

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents Neither/Nor, True/False's annual exploration of "chimeric" cinema, i.e. filmmaking that contains elements of fiction and nonfiction.

In each edition, a visiting critic curates a slate of films which will be screened at Ragtag Cinema the week of the festival. All Neither/Nor screenings are free. If you have questions about the series, feel free to email Chris Boeckmann at

The Neither/Nor series is on haitus for the 2017 festival, but will return in future years.  


Revisit past Neither/Nor series via the online versions of the monographs: 

2016 Monograph - In which Nick Pinkerton shocks us with Mondo cinema and its offshoots. 

2015 Monograph - In which Ela Bittencourt guides us through chimeric Polish cinema of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

2014 Monograph - In which Godfrey Cheshire introduces us to the self-reflexive Iranian cinema of the 1990s. 

2013 Monograph - In which Eric Hynes explores the chimeras of New York City in the '60s.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences