Neither/Nor Series

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents Neither/Nor, True/False's annual exploration of "chimeric" cinema, i.e. filmmaking that contains elements of fiction and nonfiction.

In each edition, a visiting critic curates a slate of films which will be screened at Ragtag Cinema the week of the festival. All Neither/Nor screenings are free. If you have questions about the series, you can read about the ticketing details here, or feel free to email Chris Boeckmann at


For the fourth edition of the 2016 edition of our Neither/Nor sidebar, we are collaborating with film critic Nick Pinkerton on a series exploring Mondo (or so-called “shockumentary”) cinema and its offshoots. Read more about the series here, and stay tuned for the film schedule announcement next!


Revisit past Neither/Nor series via the online versions of the monographs: 

2015 Monograph - In which Ela Bittencourt guides us through chimeric Polish cinema of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

2014 Monograph - In which Godfrey Cheshire introduces us to the self-reflexive Iranian cinema of the 1990s. 

2013 Monograph - In which Eric Hynes explores the chimeras of New York City in the '60s.

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