True/False is thrilled to announce that Soccer Mommy will headline opening night at Cafe Berlin at True/False 2019. Sophie Allison, 20-year-old indie-rock singer songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, made waves with her debut studio album Clean. Deeply intimate with ringing vocals and a keen sense of lyricism, her work earned her the title of best new artist and best new album across publications in 2018.

Closing out Thursday night, True/False is pleased to announce that electronic music iconoclast Dan Deacon will DJ us into oblivion at the Blue Note Afterparty. Borne in the Baltimore music scene, Deacon’s studio albums achieved widespread acclaim for dismantling traditional notions of pop sounds. His live performances, honed in DIY spaces, take dance parties into new paradigms of audience participation and interactivity. Recently, Deacon has stretched his creative sonics into the world of non-fiction cinema, lending his scoring talents to True/False 2017 standout, Rat Film (dir. Theo Anthony) and Time Trial (dir. Finlay Prestell).

Stay Up Late wristbands are now available and guarantee access to all of True/False Music’s showcases and concerts and guarantee access to all True/False showcases and concerts. Individual pre-sale tickets are NOT available for the Cafe Berlin, so snag a Stay Up Late while they’re still available*

*Fret not Lux & Super/Silver Passholders, you will be admitted to this show, too!

The full True/False 2019 musical lineup will be announced in February 2019. Stay tuned.
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dan deacon

“A ferocious howl of an album that captures the tension just as the fear of internal collapse gives way to newfound strength.
These songs are damp with derision, regret and desire, but never uncertainty.” 

Jon Caramanica’s New York Times #1 Album of the Year

“She’s grown into one of indie-rock’s most relatable heartbreak kids, distinguishing herself with her sharp lyrical eye – especially when she’s singing about loneliness and letdowns.”
Rolling Stone’s Artists You Need to Know

“Sophie Allison’s excellent studio debut is a compact album of clear melodies, plainspoken lyrics, and the impossibly tangled logic of infatuation.”
Pitchfork’s Best New Music

“In the song’s final third, fuzzy guitars layer to mirror this building frustration, equally resonant as both a rebuke of thoughtless romantic partners and of the way rock and roll as an institution fetishizes young women’s pain while denying their autonomy. Eat your heart out, Iggy Pop.”
NPR’s Best 100 Songs of 2018

“Baltimore-based producer, performer, beat-maker and instrument-builder Dan Deacon creates electronic music that defies its expected frame, bursting with verve and rooted in an experimental sensibility. And you will dance. His wildly entertaining interactive live show, which perpetually migrates from museums to concert halls to clubs—and challenging the context of each— was honed in DIY spaces.”
The Broad’s Callings Out of Context featuring some of today’s most exciting and transgressive musicians

“Deacon himself was dancing along with a joyous palsy, singing through a scrim of squeaky effects. In a night where I’d shown up wanting dance music, Deacon had completely upended my expectations. He also made me a fan for life. A small handful of the grouches stood with incredulous arms folded across their chests and everyone else proceeded to freak the fuck out, almost as wildly as Deacon himself.” 
Pitchfork’s Best New Music

“Sometime years from now I may be asked: What was your favorite day at NPR? I am likely to say it’s the day Dan Deacon got the NPR staff worked up into a giant dance party! It’s also the day Deacon and staff wheeled in an upright piano and connected it to his computer — a magical mix of old player piano and electronic avant-garde.” 
NPR’s Bob Boilen for Tiny Desk