Frequently Asked Questions

Following is an overview of [new!] stuff you need to know to dive into your 2021 festival experience at Stephens Lake Park and beyond. Given that the 2021 Fest will look significantly different than past years, we still have quite a few details to confirm. As we lock down more and more about all the various [wonderful] new parts of the Fest, we’ll update this page accordingly!

In the meantime, if you have any questions not answered below, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Box Office team! Contact: 573.442.TRUE (8783) | [email protected]

The Box Office is our festival headquarters during the Fest. If you have any questions then, feel free to stop by for assistance. Locations and hours to be announced closer to the Fest. We look forward to seeing you in May!

For details about health precautions, please visit our dedicated Health Precautions & Rules page. Additionally, weekly staff AMA (ask me anything) sessions will be held Friday afternoons at 4:45pm (central). Recordings can be found below as they become available! 


True/False will primarily take place at Stephens Lake Park, 2001 E Broadway. Within the Park, you’ll find 4 screening venues, which we’re fondly dubbing: Sled Hill, Twelve Point, Sapling, and The Amphitheater. Twelve Point and The Amphitheater will also be where Fest concerts are held.

Outside of the Park footprint, screenings will take place at Ragtag Cinema (limited, physically distanced seating) AND a drive-in movie site! The Executive Drive-In is located in the parking lot at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. See our Venues Page for maps.

Yes, indeed! There will be no chairs or blankets provided for seating in park  venues, and we encourage patrons to bring their own chairs and blankets. Do note – certain venues are too sloped for lawn chairs (namely Sled Hill) and most venues will have separate chair sections and blanket sections for the sake of sightlines. We will also have blankets and a limited number of locally-made chairs for sale at our Merch booths.

When you arrive in the park, you’ll go to a designated location to pick up your pod assignment from a Queen, not unlike checking in with a restaurant host. WAIT—WHAT IS A POD? Great question! A pod is a rectangular seating area with 6 feet of separation on each side for groups of up to four people. If your group is larger than four, you’ll need to split into smaller groups for seating. Pod assignments come with an arrival window. Venues will open one hour before the film or concert starts; the Queen will tell you when to load in and where to sit. (If you get your pod assignment early you may be able to request adjacent seating with another group!) This seating plan will help us limit unnecessary lines.

In most park venues, the rear pods will be a section for chairs, and the closer-to-the-screen section will be for blankets/seating on the ground section, for the sake of sightlines.

Festival events will also work this way, but party-pod sizes for our Flick-nic and other events will include 8-person pods as well as 2- and 4-person.

There are 3 restroom buildings at Stephens Lake Park; on the North side outside of Riechmann Pavilion, on the South side near the reservable shelters, and on the West side near the beach. We’ll also have a bevy of porta potties and hand washing stations throughout the park near festival venues.

There will also be porta-potties available at The Drive-In.

The city allows for alcohol to be brought into Stephens Lake Park. Alcohol cannot be consumed by minors. Please do not bring anything in glass containers. Food and beverage will be available for purchase and provided at some events for passholders. Bringing your own picnic is also welcomed. 

As always, no outside food or drink is allowed at Ragtag Cinema. Uprise Bakery hours will be updated here as they are confirmed.

Dogs are allowed in Stephens Lake Park, but they must remain on a leash and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. This is not a leash-free park.

Pets are NOT allowed inside fenced festival venues.


A pass provides a variety of benefits including early access to ticket reservations and in some cases, admission to concerts or events. In 2021, we have 6 pass types: Super Circle, Silver Circle, Lux, Simple, Parks and Rock, and Teleported Fest. Fest passes have some familiar and some new benefits, which you can read in full on the pass sales page

A ticket is issued for one screening of a film, concert, or event, and, providing you show up on time, guarantees you a space up to 15 minutes before start time. If you are a passholder, you will always need to present your pass along with your tickets. Tickets issued to passholders are linked to passes and are non-transferable.

Buying a pass is still the best way to experience all the myriad joys True/False has to offer. Different pass levels include different perks, but buying any pass allows you the key advantage of reserving tickets online in advance of the festival.

If you’ve purchased passes in the past, you’ll notice the site looks a bit different this year! We’ve adopted a new ticketing system so that we can offer digital ticketing options for True/False 2021. You might see some different words like “membership” instead of “passholder” or “member number” instead of “purchase code”. But in practice, the functionality is very similar and we’ll continue to give passholders step by step details for making ticket reservations in the spring. 

As always, when purchasing a pass, you’ll indicate the pass type(s) you want and follow the instructions through payment. When prompted “You are required to select 1 member for this membership,” type the name of the person who will be using that pass. Follow the rest of the prompts to provide payment and a confirmation email will be sent to the purchaser.

Yes, but it’s not just another virtual festival. The Teleported Fest [NOW SOLD OUT] brings the soul of True/False into your home with a five day, hyper-curated interactive film experience. Be the first in the world to view new films as you sip and snack on a selection of locally sourced treats, lounge in festival merch, and engage with films in new and unexpected ways. While the Teleported Fest is primarily geared towards out-of-towners (since we know travel is inadvisable during a pandemic), all are welcome to fill out the application form. Pass includes:

  • A selection of brand new T/F 2021 films. May include world premieres, secret screenings, and surprise selections (note that each film will have an initial, limited viewing window, with a longer window for all films on the last day of the Fest). Of the full festival lineup, 7 feature films and 3 shorts programs will be available via Teleported Fest.
  • A series of custom-designed packages overflowing with goodies. Absolutely not guaranteed to contain any/all of the following: popcorn, books, coffee, chocolate, scarves, mugs, tshirts, music, hoodies, slankets, candles, calls to action, puzzles, socks, handmade crafts, potted plants, technological wonders, an inflatable box office, genuine imitation sticky theater floor mat, etc. 
  • Unique online content TBA, including small group discussions with filmmakers, subjects, T/F programmers, and other Teleporters.

The Teleported experience is priced on a sliding scale starting at $200 with the suggested price of $695. A major reason for this pricing model is to include young filmmakers who may not have the resources to take part in the Teleported Fest – and we are, in part, subsidizing this by asking folks who feel they can to pay a little more for this experience. All Teleporters receive the same benefits.

Due to the limited quantity and very high quality, we’re asking for a short application from anyone interested in the Teleported Fest. We’ll be bringing the Fest to you, not just giving you a link to watch a few movies. Applications close April 1, and Teleported goodies ship in mid-April.

One application per household is fine! We welcome the Teleported Fest to be shared within a household – you will be able to watch the films together. But please note: many of the material components in the accompanying goodie box will be for one person, and some of the interactive elements will be limited to one screen.

Since we’re only showing movies once the sun goes down, everyone will be able to attend one film per evening. Simple passholders will be able to see one movie each night of the five day Fest.

The new in 2021 Parks and Rock pass gets you a robust music festival experience! Parks and Rock offers admission to all festival concerts, admission to @CTION & Buskers Last Stand. It does not include admission to any films.

Concerts: Tickets ($15) are required for age 12 and over. Kids 11 and under will be admitted for free, but must be accompanied by an adult in their pod at all times. Kids and adults count in a pod size and we offer pods of 2, 3, and 4. Groups larger than 4 will be split into different pods and we’ll do our best to put them next to each other.

Films & Ticketed Events: Everyone in attendance must have a ticket. 

Due to the lower number of films and screenings at this year’s festival, we will be offering single, individual tickets for purchase rather than Gateway packets. Individual tickets will go on sale after passholder reservations and can be purchased online or in person.

We have moved to a more digital ticketing system to allow for mobile ticketing and print from home tickets. (Tickets are going digital, but don’t worry, you still get a pretty pass to wear!) The fee helps us to provide this service, reduce touchpoints of possible germ transmission, and increase our sustainability efforts.

We understand that plans go awry, so if you find yourself unable to attend the Fest, we’re happy to issue a partial refund (but we’re sad you can’t join us). Prior to ticket reservations opening in April, we can refund 75% of your pass purchase. After reservations have begun for your pass type, we can refund 50% of your pass purchase. No refunds will be issued after noon on April 28. No refunds will be given for Teleported Fest passes. Refunds will not be given for ticket purchases at the Box Office. In the event of Fest cancellation, 50% of the pass price is non-refundable.

We appreciate your understanding that while we have historically had a very generous refund policy, the uncertain nature of this year requires us to update our refund policy. Buying a pass for 2021 is, in part, a commitment to supporting the survival of RFS beyond this year!

Yes. Please note our organizational Code of Conduct: Ragtag Film Society exists to captivate and engage communities in immersive arts experiences. We value inclusivity and encourage an atmosphere of festivity, free from hate, discrimination, and bigotry in all forms. Ragtag Film Society reserves the right to revoke, without notice or refund, passes, credentials, and/or access to the True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Cinema.


The festival footprint is relatively compact. More updates about accessibility efforts in the Park will be updated here soon.

Festival venues have wheelchair accessible entries, exits, restrooms, and access to our public drinking water stations. We offer sign language interpretation to a few festival films, and those screenings are designated as such in the schedule both in our program book and online. Check the program book and online schedule for details about how to obtain assistive hearing devices at designated venues.

Persons with a disability may arrive at and/or enter venues early if needed, to be seated (if you have a ticket). Please check in with the Venue Captain when you arrive at the venue.


If we have to cancel any film screenings day-of, ticketholders will be sent information about access the film and Q&A virtualy. More information will be available here as plans are finalized. 


More information about merch locations in the Park during the Fest will be updated here.

For now, the best way to scope out merch is via our online shop!

You can access our online merch shop here. Keep in mind, we design special merch for each year’s festival, and we can’t guarantee that all merch will be available online post-Fest. Your best bet for getting the merch you want, in the size you want, is to buy during the Fest. During the weeks that the in-person merch store is open, online sales are disabled. After the Fest, we require a couple of weeks to do inventory, and will reopen the online merch store as soon as possible.

We are not flying in guests, or requiring a guest in attendance for every film like we typically do. When filmmakers do choose to come, we will do an in person Q&A. For others, we’ll do zoom or skype Q&As in real time.

YES! Pre-screening buskers are an essential part of the Fest and will continue as usual!

Recording any audio or video in any manner and through any medium is strictly prohibited in all theaters of the True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Film Society. Anyone found to be making any such recording shall be subject to removal from the theater, revocation of any pass allowing entrance to the Fest without refund, confiscation of any equipment and storage media used in the recording and criminal and/or civil prosecution.