Frequently Asked Questions

The Box Office is our festival headquarters – the Box Office is at the Sager Braudis Gallery at 1025 E Walnut Street. During the fest, if you have any questions, feel free to stop by for assistance. In the meantime, here is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to make the most of your festival experience.


Hours of Operation:

  • Tuesday, Feb 25 – Saturday, Feb 29: 11am – 6pm (Merch Sales ONLY, and information from the friendly Merch Team)
  • Wednesday, March 4: Noon – 8pm (pick-up for all Passholders, wristbands, & Gateway packets)
  • Thursday, March 5: 9am – 10pm (ticket sales & passholder pick up)
  • Friday, March 6: 9am – 10pm (ticket sales & passholder pick up)
  • Saturday, March 7: 9am – 10pm (ticket sales & passholder pick up)
  • Sunday, March 8: 9am – 5pm (ticket sales & passholder pick up)
  • Monday, March 9: 9am – 5pm (post-fest merch sales!)

In short, a pass is a badge that you wear on a lanyard around your neck and allows general festival access. A ticket is issued for one screening of a film and, providing you show up on time, guarantees you a seat up to 15 minutes before a film starts.

If you are a passholder, you will always need to present your pass along with your tickets. Tickets issued to passholders are linked to passes and are non-transferable. Passholders can come to the box office and receive additional free tickets, beyond those reserved online in advance of the Fest, starting the Thursday of the Fest. We’ll also be happy to take back any tickets you’re not planning to use. Passholders cannot request additional tickets during the “passholder pick-up only” hours on Wednesday, March 4. 

If you are not a passholder, all ticket purchases will take place in person at the Box Office (or at a film venue, if you elect to use the Q system) – we do not sell individual tickets online. Starting at 9am on Thursday, March 5, all tickets to non-NRT screenings will be available for purchase. 

Buying a pass is the best way to experience all the myriad joys True/False has to offer, including screenings, receptions, concerts, and parties. Different pass levels include different perks, but buying any pass allows you the key advantage of reserving tickets online in advance of the festival. In addition, all passes allow you to attend an unlimited number of regular fest screenings via our nifty Q system!

Simple, Lux, Silver Circle, and Super Circle passes are available for purchase on this website. Passholders will be able to reserve tickets prior to the start of the festival. Reservations begin as follows (all times in Central):

  • Super Circle: Beginning at 6pm on Monday, Feb. 17
  • Silver Circle: Beginning at 6pm on Wednesday, Feb. 19
  • Lux: Beginning at 6pm on Friday, Feb. 21
  • Simple: Beginning at 6pm on Sunday, Feb. 23
  • Sunday Spree: Beginning at 10am on Wednesday, Feb. 26

Film selections for the Gateway packet will be announced and will go on sale at 10am on Tuesday, February 25.

All sales and pre-fest ticket reservations for passholders will end at 6pm on Friday, Feb. 28.

All passes and all reserved tickets must be picked up in person at the T/F Box Office. If you come to the box office on Wednesday or Thursday, expect some wait time as lines are generally long. We will keep things moving as quickly as possible! Super Circle passholders may opt to have their passes and tickets delivered locally on Tuesday before the fest. 

NO. Passes are non-transferrable, and cannot be shared. You must present both your pass and color-coded tickets together to gain admittance into a film or to exchange tickets at the Box Office.

We understand that plans go awry, so if you find yourself unable to attend the fest, we’re happy to issue a refund (but we’re sad you can’t join us).

100% Refunds will be honored until ticket reservations begin for the type of pass you purchased. Once your pass type’s ticket reservations have started (Feb 17-23), we can refund only 50% of your pass purchase. The final refund deadline is noon on Feb 26, one week prior to pass pick-up.

Refunds will not be given for ticket purchases at the Box Office.

Although buying a pass is the best way to enjoy the fest, you can still get individual tickets without being a passholder!

Any Single Film: $12 at the box office or $14 at the door/Q
Closing Night Film: $16 (includes reception) at the Box Office 
Field Sessions: FREE

Student Pricing: $10 at the Box Office for films at any venue. $10 at the Q for films at Missouri Theatre, Showtime Theater at The Blue Note, and Jesse Auditorium; $14 at the Q for all other venues. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase. Does not include the closing night film.

Always check at the Box Office first to see if tickets are available. If tickets do remain, they will be sold at the Box Office up until 30 minutes prior to the screening. After that, any available seats are sold at the venue. If a film goes NRT, empty seats will be filled at the venue via the Q system.

Having a pass gives you the best chance of getting your ideal schedule, but it is not a guarantee. Your pass level determines when you get to reserve tickets – Super Circle goes first, then Silver Circle, Lux, and finally, Simple. The higher your pass level, the more options available when you reserve. During the online reservation process for Lux and Simple passholders, tickets go quickly and many films go NRT.

If you don’t get tickets during on-line reservations for a film you’d like to see, you can still go to the box office to check availability of additional (free) tickets or use the Q system at any venue – IT WORKS! Between ticket reservations and the festival many people change their plans, and every year, people tell us that some of their favorite films were those that they happened upon, rather than planned to see. A little bit of flexibility goes a long way at True/False.

NOPE! This is a common misconception. Buying a Simple pass allows you to make up to ten ticket reservations online prior to the fest. HOWEVER – that is just to get you started.

First of all – as of 9am on March 5 you can come to the Box Office for additional FREE tickets including Thursday night films! You may want to get there early to have the most varied options. Whatever screenings are not NRT – we’ll have tickets for you. As always, one ticket per film, per passholder – no duplicates. 

Second – if you can’t get a ticket to a film that’s NRT, you can always use the Q for free with your Simple pass.

The Sunday Spree is a new-ish type of festival access – in the form of a one-day wristband. Buy a Spree, and you’ll get to reserve one ticket for a Sunday screening, pick up additional Sunday tickets at the box office starting on Saturday of the fest, AND Q for free for anything Sunday of the fest. 

This packet gives you the ability to reserve three tickets the week before the fest. You can reserve tickets for three different screenings or multiple tickets for the same one; it’s up to you. Not only do you get to reserve tickets before the box office opens to the general public, you’ll also be able to pick up your tickets during our advance pick-up period on Wednesday, March 4 from noon – 8pm. The screenings available via the Gateway packet are compiled by our programmers based on ticket availability and can be found here once they are announced.

The Gateway Packet is NOT a pass. It does not come with pass privileges, such as the ability to pick up additional tickets for free at the box office or free admission via the Q. Gateway tickets cannot be exchanged at the box office.

NRT stands for “No Reserve Tickets” and it means that all the tickets for a film have been reserved by passholders or purchased. When this happens, there are no longer tickets available at the Box Office for a screening. We don’t say “SOLD OUT” because there is still a VERY good chance you can get in at the door by using the Q system.

There is a buffer of seats at every screening set aside just for the Q. Plus, inevitably many of the people who reserved tickets don’t show up, and we make those seats available at the door for Q-goers too. 

  • The Jubilee: Free (no ticket req.) for LUX, SILVER CIRCLE and SUPER CIRCLE passholders. [For the film after the ball, reserved tickets are required for all elligible pass levels. Simple passholders and general public may Q for the film.]
  • Reality Bites: Free (no ticket req.) for LUX, SILVER CIRCLE and SUPER CIRCLE passholders.
  • @CTION Party: Free (no ticket req.) for LUX, SILVER CIRCLE and SUPER CIRCLE passholders.
  • Field Sessions: Free, open to all
  • March March: Free, open to all
  • Campfire Stories: Free for all passholders with a reserved ticket. Ticket required for event admission. For non-passholders, remaining tickets are $12 at the box office, or $14 via the Q.
  • The Art Ramble: Free, open to all
  • Short Circuit: Free (ticket automatically included in your packet) for SUPER CIRCLE and SILVER CIRCLE passholders.
  • Filmmaker Fete: Free (ticket automatically included in your packet) for SUPER CIRCLE and SILVER CIRCLE passholders. This reception offers Super and Silver Circle passholders a chance to meet the filmmakers in an intimate setting while feasting on delicious food (prepared by chef Mike Odette) with an open bar. If you want a Fete ticket, we recommend getting your Super or Silver Circle pass early.
  • Gimme Truth: Free for all passholders with a reserved ticket. Ticket required for event admission. For non-passholders, remaining tickets are $12 at the box office, or $14 via the Q.
  • Closing Night Film and Reception: Free for all passholders with a reserved ticket. Ticket required for event admission. Remaining tickets $16 for non-passholders.
  • Buskers Last Stand: Free (no ticket req.) for all passholders, also open to everyone who attended the final screening at Missouri Theatre.
  • Toasted: Free* and open to all (*admission is free. waffles are not.)
  • Weird Wake Up: Ticket required; general admission via the Q.

If all of the above is too much, no worries. This is a robust festival. You’ve got LOTS of last minute options for getting a taste of T/F without the commitment. (*=FREE!)

-Buy tickets from the Box Office (starting at 9am on Thursday of the Fest, in person sales only!) consult the schedule grid to see which screenings have tickets available before you head over. $12/ea

-Q for anything! ($14 @ the door)

-the March March*

-the Field Sessions* at the Little Chapel @ the Picturehouse

-the T/F VR Arcade, Ctrl+Alt+Shift*

-the Neither/Nor critic series* festival sidebar (you’ll need to use the Q, but admission is free!)

Toasted* at Cafe Berlin

Yes. True/False can revoke your pass without refund if you are disruptive to other guests at any event during the Fest. We appreciate your daring confrontation of the films, directors, and guests, but any disruption (in our discretion) that is an intentional attempt to interrupt, subvert or threaten any program can result in immediate and permanent revocation of your pass and pass revocation of anyone else in your party. 


Films screen at the following downtown Columbia venues: Jesse Auditorium, Missouri Theatre, Showtime Theater at The Blue Note, The Picturehouse (Missouri United Methodist Church), The Globe (First Presbyterian Church), The Forrest Theater (at the Tiger Hotel), and Ragtag Cinema. For additional venue information, please see our venues page

The Box Office is located at 1025 E Walnut st, inside the Sager Braudis Gallery

The festival footprint is relatively compact. The two fest venues that are furthest apart are less than three-quarters of a mile away from each other, and most fest venues are even closer; just a few blocks apart. 

All of the festival venues have wheelchair accessible entries, exits, restrooms and access to our public drinking water stations. We offer sign language interpretation to a few festival films, and those screenings are designated as such in the schedule both in our program book and online. The two screens at Ragtag Cinema as well as the three theaters located on the University of Missouri Campus: Rhynsburger Theatre, Missouri Theatre and our largest festival venue, Jesse Auditorium, also provide assistive hearing devices. The other venues used for our festival are not actual theaters, so their facilities are not equipped with the systems necessary to provide the listening devices. Check the program book and online schedule for details about how to obtain these devices at designated venues.

Also, persons with a disability may arrive at the venue and/or enter the venue early if needed, either to be seated (if you have a ticket) or to wait in a seat in the lobby (if you are using the Q); please check in with the Venue Captain when you arrive at the venue.

There are several parking garages within walking distance of True/False venues, as well as ample on-street, metered parking throughout downtown (most meters have a two-hour limit). Meters are enforced from 9am-7pm Monday through Saturday. Parking in downtown city garages is free after 6pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. The 10th & Cherry garage* is restricted to permit-only parking on the 2nd & 3rd levels; the restriction is only in place Thursday and Friday of the Fest. Hourly parking at the Short Street garage is available in metered parking spaces only during all of T/F 2020. Spaces marked as “Reserved” are designated as such 24/7 and should not be parked in. Please note that many bagged meters are used by T/F staff for loading and unloading throughout the fest; we appreciated attendees leaving those spots free. Plan your parking strategy with this helpful info.

Recording any audio or video in any manner and through any medium is strictly prohibited in all theaters of the True/False Film Fest and Ragtag Film Society. Anyone found to be making any such recording shall be subject to removal from the theater, revocation of any pass allowing entrance to the Fest without refund, confiscation of any equipment and storage media used in the recording and criminal and/or civil prosecution.


The “Q” is your chance to get into an NRT screening.

At all of our film venues, Q numbers (numbered slips of paper) are distributed by the Queen starting 1 hour before the start of each film. If you feel really eager to see a film, you may queue up earlier, but Q numbers will not be given out any earlier than 1 hour before. We only give one Q per person!

With your Q number in hand, there’s no need to stay in line – go grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. In fact, for crowd management purposes, we encourage you to wander! 15 minutes prior to the start of the film, resume your place in the queue and the Venue Captain will begin to release available seats. Don’t be late, or you might have to go back to the end of the Q line. Numbers from the Q will be let in by ascending order until all seats are filled. If your Q number is seated, show your pass for free admission, or, if you don’t have a pass, you’ll pay for your ticket at the door.

Trust in the Q! It works! You WILL see films! There’s never been a showing at the festival where nobody got in from the Q. It is WELL worth the effort. The Q is a fun place to be — mingling with fellow festival-goers and contributing to the spirit of the fest.

With your Super or Silver Circle pass you can walk up to any screening at Jesse Auditorium, Missouri Theatre, and Showtime at The Blue Note. As long as you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the film, you’re guaranteed admission. While we encourage you to reserve tickets online or pick them up at the box office, your Super or Silver Circle pass gets you off the hook if you forget or change your plans.

At our smaller venues (the Forrest Theater, Ragtag, The Globe, and the Picturehouse), things work a bit differently. To be guaranteed a seat, you must reserve tickets or get them from the box office, and, ticket in hand, arrive 15 minutes before showtime.

However, Circle members WILL be given preferred Q seating at these smaller venues via the Silver Circle Q. So, if you don’t have a ticket, show up at least 15 minutes early and find the Silver Circle Bay (hint: look for a big silver circle), and as long as there are seats available, you’ll be let in ahead of the rest of the Q (but after ticket holders).


Throughout the year, True/False Merchandise can be purchased in person at our pop-up shop at Makes Scents.

The festival merch store is located inside the Sager Braudis Gallery, the home of the Box Office. Note, when the Sager Braudis merch store is open, our online store is closed. Merch hours are as follows:

  • Feb 24 – Mar 1: 11am-6pm
  • March 4: Noon-8pm
  • March 5 – 7: 9am-10pm
  • March 8 & 9: 9am-5pm

Additionally, there will be Merch stations at Missouri Theatre and Jesse Hall during the hours when film screenings take place in the venue.

Once again, the Vintage Merch Airstream will be located in The Sculpture Yard (the street closure on Ninth, between Locust & Elm). Hours are as follows:

  • March 6: Noon-7pm
  • March 7 & 8: 10am-7pm

You bet! Musician merchandise is available at Hitt Records (10 Hitt Street, right next to Ragtag Cinema) during their regular hours of operation.

You can access our online merch shop here. Keep in mind, we design special merch for each year’s festival, and we can’t guarantee that all merch will be available online post-Fest. Your best bet for getting the merch you want, in the size you want, is to buy during the Fest. During the weeks that the Sager Braudis merch store is open, online sales are disabled. After The Fest, we do inventory, and will reopen the online merch store around March 20.