True/False is a film festival in Columbia, Missouri, USA focused on cinema constructed from reality. Starting in August and continuing through the end of the year, hundreds of nonfiction films of all kinds (from works of conventional reportage to the avant-garde) will pour in from all around the world, and all of them will be viewed at least once, some several times, by members of the True/False Screening Committee. The primary job of a screener is to thoughtfully view and correctly identify films of interest to the True/False programming team.

Our screening committee is key to our programming process – often the first people to critically consider a new film. We take this role extremely seriously. When we watch films, we approach them as art and we are open minded about what the umbrella term of nonfiction encompasses and actively seek out work that engages with reality in expansive ways. As a festival, we value authored work and clear filmmaking vision, work that shows and doesn’t tell, work that leaves room for interpretation, work that takes the viewer on a sensorial journey. We can’t truly know the relationship between the film and the sliver of the world it engages with, but we try our best to suss it out and are especially suspicious of films that present humans in flat, simplistic ways, e.g. as experts, as archetypes, as evidence. We value imagination, risk-taking, and sensitivity. 

All True/False Film Fest screeners are required to watch and write reviews for a total of 50 films over the course of 5 months between September and January, keeping up with a pace of about 3-4 films (a mix of features and shorts) per week. Your role and reviews are absolutely critical to our programming process as we seek thoughtful screeners who can recognize filmmaking talent and potential, pointing us towards exciting new work.

There will also be a 45 minute virtual screening committee meeting every other week to discuss a chosen film. These meetings take place in the evening (central time) over zoom, and we also offer one midday (central time) meeting per month. Our expectation is that you join our first group orientation meeting, and afterwards at least once a month (or 6 meetings minimum). We can offer a Spring pass to True/False 2025 or a $200 stipend to all screeners who complete the requirements.