Features & Shorts


True/False is a film festival in Columbia, Missouri, USA focused on cinema constructed from reality. When we watch films, we approach them as art. We open ourselves up to their sensorial and intellectual attributes, perking up when those elements truly surprise, challenge, and/or stimulate us, while also grappling with the ethical framework they present. We are skeptical of films that present humans in flat, simplistic ways, e.g. as experts, archetypes, or evidence, and films that reinforce traditional power structures, hateful, or hurtful stereotypes. We value imagination, risk-taking, and sensitivity. The art form we engage with is extremely young and we’re eager to encounter work that shows us new ways to instigate, to heal, to see and hear. A note on “creative nonfiction,” “docu-fiction,” and “hybrids”: Films are often slotted into two categories – documentary and fiction – but we believe that every film falls somewhere in between.


Submissions for the 2023 Fest will open in August with a final deadline in December.  Deadlines TBA. Rates are as follows:

Regular deadline: features $50, shorts $30

Late deadline: features $95, shorts $60

Features are defined as 40 minutes and above, shorts as less than 40 minutes.


Before you share your film with us, we ask that you read the following explanation of our screening process and submission requirements. *In light of the global pandemic, please bear in mind that our festival plans are shifting to meet the current moment. As definitive decisions are made about the shape the festival will take, we will update our website accordingly. 

Shorts, Features, and Everything In Between: Each year we screen around 40 feature-length projects and 25 short-form works. We are very open to mid-length films and series.

Filmmaker Attendance: Be advised that we require filmmaker attendance for feature-length selections, for which we provide airfare and hospitality and an appearance stipend from our Pay the Artists! Fund. 

Screening Process and Submission Fees: Please submit a direct link for us to view your work online, Vimeo, Frame.io, Dropbox, CineSend, etc. are all acceptable platforms. Please note that if your film is accepted to the festival, we will require a DCP to be made and sent to us by our print traffic deadline.

We charge a submission fee. The timetables and rates are outlined above. As rewarding as the screening process often is for our team, it nonetheless requires significant time and expense to undertake. Your submission fee makes it possible for us to fully consider every film, and pays for the process outlined below.

-Recruitment and training for screening committee members. Our programmers and screening committee members are a tight-knit unit, meeting regularly to discuss the art of filmmaking as well as host in-depth discussions on film submissions, programming philosophy, and how to best insure equity throughout our selections process.

-A member of the screening committee watches your film in full and evaluates the work in a written review that is then read and evaluated by a member of the programming staff for further inquiry.

-A personalized notification letter that acknowledges not just your name but what you’ve created.

-A dedicated and brilliant submissions coordinator on staff who oversees the entire pipeline, from macro to micro – answering questions from filmmakers and screeners, reading through your submission materials, assigning films, organizing screening committee meetings, participating in all programming meetings, ensuring notifications are sent, liaising with selected artists, and tracking every single step of the selection process up to the festival.

One of our main values at RFS is integrity. We practice decision-making, programming, and presentation with respect, accountability, and transparency. If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected].

Please note, in the interest of improving accessibility to our program we aim to offer screenings with open captions (OCAP) for English language films where possible. We also offer Fidelio audio description and Captiview closed captions where available. If your film is selected, we will be in touch regarding accessibility materials.


Submissions for the 2022  Fest are now closed! Please contact [email protected] with questions.