The Atomic Soldiers
Dir. Morgan Knibbe; 2018; 23 min.
Shellshocked American veterans, long sworn to secrecy, open up about their experiences as government guinea pigs. (Plays in: Coffee 70)

Baby Brother
Dir. Kamau Bilal; 2018; 14 min.
A dynamic, hometown look at a brother experiencing a summer impasse, directed by Columbia native Kamau Bilal. (Plays with: Lovers of the Night)

La Bouche
Dir. Camilo Restrepo; 2017; 19 min.
Years after the murder of his daughter, a musician finds a way to express his pain. (Plays in: Red Wine 73)

Community Patrol
Dir. Andrew James; 2018; 13 min.
This black-and-white film follows a vigilante “community court” in Detroit, led by the charismatic Rev. Malik Shabazz. (Plays in: Coffee 70)

Concussion Protocol
Dir. Josh Begley; 2018; 6 min.
Constructed from footage of every regular-season concussion in the NFL this past year, this film transforms these collisions with terrifying balletic grace. (Plays with: Combat Obscura)

Dir. Alison Nguyen; 2017; 2 min.
A split-screen sensory smorgasbord of found footage dessert advertisements versus natural disasters. (Plays in: Lager 72)

Disintegration 93-96
Dir. Miko Revereza; 2017; 6 min.
A furious and vulnerable memoir covering four years of the director’s childhood as an undocumented immigrant. (Plays in: Kombucha 71)

Dir. Alejandro Alonso; 2017; 12 min.
Somewhere in a lush Cuban forest, a shamanistic widow prays for her son. (Plays in: Red Wine 73)

Dir. Matt Sukkar; 2017; 14 min.
Two brothers spar and play in a bubble of their own until one threatens to break out. (Plays with: The Next Guardian)

Graven Image
Dir. Sierra Pettengill; 2017; 11 min.
On the making and promoting of Stone Mountain, Georgia, the KKK-built monument to the Confederate States. (Plays with: Our New President)

John 746
Dir. Ana Vijdea; 2017; 34 min.
A slow-burn portrait of a junk shop, deep in de-industrialized America, and its idiosyncratic owner. (Plays in: Coffee 70)

Las Nubes
Dir. Juan Pablo González; 2018; 21 min.
A weathered man is partially visible in a rear-view mirror as he relates getting mixed up with the wrong kind. (Plays in: Kombucha 71)

Dir. Jeremy Shaw; 2017; 31 min.
The Quantification has occurred and religious experience is no longer within easy reach, so a band of experimental dancers seek transcendence. (Plays in: Lager 72)

The Making and Unmaking of the Earth
Dir. Jessica Bardsley; 2018; 17 min.
Women’s testimonies of dreams, fears and trauma unfold against the dramatic backdrop of a rupturing Earth – molten lava, avalanches and all. (Plays in: Lager 72)

Mini Miss
Dir. Rachel Daisy Ellis; 2018; 16 min.
Prepare to be charmed and disturbed by this immersion into the Brazilian child pageant scene. (Plays in: Red Wine 73)

Mon Amour, Mon Ami
Dir. Adriano Valerio; 2017; 16 min.
Somewhere in the Umbrian hills, Fouad is lovelorn about his dear Daniela, who despite his mean tajine is decidedly not in love. (Plays with: António e Catarina)

Dir. Sebastián Pinzón Silva; 2017; 25 min.
A documentary musical that floats around a small Colombian village that reveals its landmark status in the New World. (Plays in: Red Wine 73)

Personal Truth
Dir. Charlie Lyne; 2017; 18 min.
Inspired by Pizzagate, the director re-examines a conspiracy from his youth and uncorks a sometimes funny, sometimes serious meditation on skepticism. (Plays in: Kombucha 71)

Pumpkin Movie
Dir. Sophy Romvari; 2017; 10 min.
On Halloween, the director and her friend Skype each other with creepy stories of a particular bent. (Plays with: António e Catarina)

Pure Difference
Dir. Byron Peters; 2017; 22 min.
A pop-Marxist history of mathematics that spoofs graphic-heavy, educational videos. (Plays in: Lager 72)

Secret Screening Breeze
Dir. David de Rozas
In the face of historically significant changes, an honorable figure finds a way to connect. (Plays in: Kombucha 71)

They Just Come and Go
Dir. Boris Poljak; 2017; 20 min.
A richly atmospheric film about a beach in Split, Croatia (as featured in Playing Men), it goes from the libidinous to the elegiac, ending in a morning-after Leonard Cohen singalong. (Plays with: Playing Men)

The Trader
Dir. Tamta Gabrichidze; 2017; 22 min.
In the Republic of Georgia, a hulking man arrives with a van full of clothes, toys and household items: Money is meaningless — all that matters is potatoes. (Plays with: Artemio)

The Water Slide
Dir. Nathan Truesdell; 2018; 10 min.
A skewering of local news cadences that travels to Kansas, where Libertarian-leaning politicians fast-track the world’s largest slide. (Plays in: Kombucha 71)