Art Installations

Every year, True/False brings a multitude of talented visual artists from near and far to reinvent venues and transform public spaces. What began as a visual backdrop for our fest seventeen years ago is now an integral part of every aspect of what we do. We seek out creative, ambitious people and provide the tools to transform the downtown core of Columbia, both indoors and out, remaking ordinary spaces into magical, ethereal environments.

Additionally, we strive to provide a strong platform for expanding visual artists’ ability to create site-specific installations in unconventional spaces, providing a challenge for artists to explore beyond the traditional gallery atmosphere. We are excited to work with artists at all stages of their careers, from emerging artists to well-established exhibiting artists.

We encourage all interested artists to learn more about the Fest as a whole by exploring our website, and to read through the overarching Mission for the Ragtag Film Society, which speaks to our goals for Art Installations exhibited during the Fest.

We welcome questions at any and all points during the application process; please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


True/False is looking for dynamic, original large-scale installations, sculptures, experiential work, and venue designs. Aesthetically, we encourage artists to use as inspiration the overarching ideas and mission of the festival (broadly, an immersive artistic experience that seeks to transform the everyday) and/or the year-specific theme (see below).

In short, our ideal proposal embodies flexible specificity. That is, we are looking for proposals that have the flexibility to be modified to work in a variety of locations, but are rich in logistical details such as construction plans, aesthetics, intent, installation logistics, budget, and other relevant details and information. We have included examples of the required proposal narrative and the required budget below; we’re happy to provide additional examples upon request, and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have as you develop your proposal.

Due to the nature of our festival, T/F art installations tend to be both temporary (the Fest is 4 days; art installations are rarely up for longer than 6 days) and site-specific. There are a variety of sites that are potentially available. Some are interior, some exterior; some sites require that the art be suspended, others allow for art to be placed or secured to the ground, and some have the potential to combine both. Most locations have access to power. We have limited options for more traditional gallery work and video installations. Almost all of the art installations we exhibit are located in spaces that large groups of people move through or spend time in; this knowledge should inform your construction plans and design.  

To view past work created for T/F, please see our Instagram feed (@truefalseart), which showcases a variety of pieces both in progress and installed. If you have questions about specific past pieces, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note that all of the spaces we inhabit are either public spaces or are privately owned by organizations or individuals other than the Fest, and in some situations this may require additional information, permissions, or considerations. Once your proposal is accepted, we will work with you to determine (and prepare) any additional information, permissions, or considerations needed to install your piece.

Feel free to submit multiple proposals.

Collaborative proposals are permitted and encouraged.

We will accept proposals from anywhere in the world.

We have provided a Sample Narrative (actual proposal from T/F 2018; shared with permission from the artist) and a Sample Budget (totally made up) to assist you in the creation of those documents.

2020 THEME

Each year T/F adopts a visual theme and in 2020 it is FORESIGHT.

Even the most earthbound rationalists among us will admit that there’s more than meets the eye. In the coming year 2020, or 20/20 to the hopeful ophthalmologists, esoteric details formerly hidden will come alive as we celebrate vision and visionaries. Another world is not only possible but is here now if only we’d attune our senses, the ones beyond the standard five. Our theme FORESIGHT speaks to our age-old desire for precognition, to see what’s just around the corner. At T/F 2020, we are asking visual artists to show the future that resides within us all, and to explore humanity’s extraordinary ability to create meaning from fragments. Let your partially dormant pineal gland awaken, and look towards a World’s Fair of our collective potential. As reality ripples out in a ring-like pattern, we see circles and more circles – nonlinear paths to the future. Go forth!


  1. Futurism
  2. Premonitions / clairvoyancy / second sight / divination / the third eye / pineal eye
  3. The best-laid plans
  4. Data visualization in forecasting, incorrect predictions
  5. Zener cards, i.e. scientific testing of extraordinary claims
  6. Optical illusions
  7. 20/20 vision – the tyranny of the norm
  8. Blurriness vs. focus. Peripheral vision vs. directed vision.
  9. Revisionist histories / alternative history / retcon
  10. Surveillance culture & voyeurism
  11. Creating something for the purpose of documenting it
  12. The concept of zero (“the point from which all things emerge / the creation of something from nothing”)


For T/F 2020, we will have one Open Call period.  

Open Call Period opens May 1, 2019.

Proposals are due no later than September 16, 2019; we welcome early submissions.

Applicants will be notified via email by early November 2019.

The Fest will be held March 5 through 8, 2020. All accepted work will need to be complete (ready for install) by Friday, February 28, 2020; installation will occur no later than March 5, 2020 (install dates will depend on location) and tear down will occur on March 9, 2020. We expect that all artists will install and take down their work, though we can provide assistance if needed.

All artists whose work is accepted will receive an Artist Pass to the Fest, which includes admission to films, events, and other benefits.

If you have any questions at any point during the application process, please contact the T/F Art Team at [email protected].  


Applications for T/F 2020 are now closed. See ya at the Fest!