Passes - True/False Film Fest


All pass levels for the 2021 festival are available now, while supply lasts. If you’re interested in the Teleported Fest, please first fill out an application HERE to get the promo code you’ll need.

For details about Fest health precautions, please visit our Health Precautions & Rules page.


If you’ve purchased passes before, you’ll notice the site looks a bit different this year! We’ve adopted a new ticketing system so that we can offer digital ticketing options for True/False 2021. You might see some different words like “membership” instead of “passholder” or “member number” instead of “purchase code”. But in practice, the functionality is very similar and we’ll continue to give passholders step by step details for making ticket reservations in the spring.

Please note our refund policy:  Prior to ticket reservations opening in April, we can refund 75% of your pass purchase. After reservations have begun for your pass type, we can refund 50% of your pass purchase. No refunds will be issued after noon on April 28. No refunds will be given for Teleported Fest passes. In the event of Fest cancellation, 50% of the pass price is non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding that while we have historically had a very generous refund policy, the uncertain nature of this year requires us to update our refund policy. Buying a pass for 2021 is, in part, a commitment to supporting the survival of RFS beyond this year!

First, click the “BUY PASSES” button on this page. Then you’ll review pass options and details. Select the quantity of passes per pass type that you wish to purchase in the drop down boxes to the left of each pass name. Scroll down, hit “add” to add to your cart. When prompted, “You are required to select 1 member for this membership,” type the name of the person who will be using that pass.

When checking out, you will be prompted to create an account login & password. This will be the account where you log in to manage your schedule and tickets later on, so be sure to save this login info!

Heads up: the pass purchase confirmation page will show you some options regarding tickets that do not yet apply – you can ignore these buttons for now! Once you have made ticket reservations for your pass, these will become useful. While tickets will be e-delivered, your pass will still be a lovely, tangible badge you pick up pre-Fest.