Andrew Ina is a visual artist, filmmaker, and Assistant Professor of Practice in the School of Art at Texas Tech University. He holds a BFA in Painting from the Columbus College of Art and Design (OH) and an MA in Animation from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland (UK). His studio practice involves painting, animation, video, and sound. His research examines cultural identity within the Middle Eastern diaspora and reimagining narratives around the region’s geopolitical landscape.


WHAT IF YOU HAD STAYED is a multi-channel video installation that introduces figurative and geometric sculptural forms as free-standing projection surfaces.  This work stems from a photograph depicting the artist’s two aunts in their youth, taken in 1968 on their front porch in Aitaneet, Lebanon, before the outbreak of civil war.  This work speaks to the story of their relationship, defined by closeness, separation, and longing.  

Location: The Globe


Cesar Lopez is an artist working in Kansas City. Various materials, places and structures inform the sculpture that he designs, fabricates and constructs. His work is drawn from a deep well of memory to create surrogates structures that commemorate Guatemala.


WORLD VIEW is an installation of two nested sculptures. The sphere form opens up discussion of the artist’s view of the world and utilizes the apertures to frame the environment around the work. The artist emigrated to the United States at a young age, and due to the DACA program, was able to work and stay in the US. Through these sculptures (reflective in the colors, shapes, and materials) the artist is able to keep  the memory of his  motherland alive.

Location: Sculpture Yard, Ninth St


RADAR Art is a collective comprised of Robin Schwartzman, Anna Abhau Elliott and Desireé Moore. The three met during an Artist Residency at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg, SC and have been collaborating ever since. RADAR Art is interested in making connections through objects, personal narratives, conversations and social exchanges. Projects include Cold War/m Up at the Art Shanty Projects in Medicine Lake, MN as well as iterations of the Barter Boat in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Scottsdale and Brecken-ridge, Grand Rapids, MI, Spartanburg, SC, Fayetteville, AR and Columbia, Missouri


BARTER BOAT is an interactive public art program that travels from city to city engaging communities in oral storytelling and visual art through the act of bartering. The project uses lightness and humor to introduce and unpack complicated questions about commodification, consumer culture, social interaction and exchange, sustainability and legacy. Pop by for the full experience. 

Location: Sculpture Yard, Ninth St 


Lendl Tellington and Salome Sykes are siblings whose art practice spans cinema, photography, and installation. Their work pulls from a combination of familial archives, oral histories, as well as ancestral and religious practices. This research is utilized to illuminate the contributions of unsung communities and subvert our prescribed histories.


THE GOOD TABLE  is a multi sensory projection featuring the artists’ great-grandmother’s “dining room table.” Recontextualizing this domestic vestige of their childhood, as a portal to memories that have shaped their family’s legacy through generational single black motherhood. This work samples ephemera of a specific era and  contextualizes how these experiences continue to unfold at the present moment.

Location: Columbia Art League


Karen Brummund’s environmental installations have been commissioned by individuals and organizations around the world, including Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects in Chile, The Sirius Art Centre in Ireland, the Brady Art Centre in London, and the Foundation of Spirituality and Art in Charleston, South Carolina. She created site-specific video installations for the exterior of museums like the Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Everson Museum of Art as well as festivals like Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Digital Graffiti. Grants and fellowships from organizations like the New York Foundation for the Arts, Experimental Television Center, NYSCA, and the Cornell Council for the Arts enable her to create community-based art projects outside of art institutions on facades like barns and brick walls.


THE POSTURE OF HARMONY is a projection work using an elongated process. In this piece, posture is layered and presence is transformed to light. The work begins with community members shaping and balancing imperfect cubes in a “community build.” In the final video, the shifting hands hold invisible objects while also being shaped by the same objects. The generative tension between the visible and the invisible presses through artwork. 

Location: Jesse Hall


Mary Sandbothe has her BFA & MFA in Fibers from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She works as the Education & Outreach Director at the Columbia Art League. She currently lives & works in Columbia Missouri with partner & beloved pets.


DEER RUN is a textile installation inspired by the conflict between the local deer population of Columbia, MO and the elimination of natural space to favor human habitation. This installation has deer running through a busy downtown street, confronting the viewer with our ever-growing environmental and habitat issues. 

Location: Alley A


Xena graduated from University of Miami (BS) and Central Saint Martins (MA). She worked with Swatch, English National Opera and the Children Society in London as an artist or filmmaker. Her artworks has been selected into many awards, and her artwork collectors includes the Swatch Group in the Switzerland and Swatch Art Peace Hotel.


YIN YANG BABY is an inflatable installation that intertwines elements of human paradox, folklore, and LGBTQ+ culture, creating a vibrant tapestry of diversity and unity.

Location: Sculpture Yard, Ninth St 


Zena Segre (they/she) is a Detroit based artist and educator with a background in interdisciplinary sculpture. Their work employs craft processes to incite curiosity and make more spacious common assumptions of functionality and adaptability. Zena earned their BFA from California College of the Arts in 2013, and their MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Arts in 2023.


GATHERING CAREFULLY is a multimedia installation that combines the familiar and confounding, playful and poetic.Walking beneath  the shape of a large net that holds within it many ambiguous and oversized vessels, visitors are invited to bring inquisitiveness and speculative instincts to this uncertain landscape as they walk beneath it.

Location: Jesse Hall