The Great Wall 2018

The Great Wall is True/False’s outdoor video art installation, projected onto the north side of The Rise (located at the corner of 9th and Locust); featuring original work during all four nights of the festival from 8pm to 11pm.


Projection Artists Jordan Doig and Stephanie Gould’s disruptive shows the dissonance that is created when patterns are compromised. Visible throughout downtown Columbia, The Great Wall will be projected onto the north wall of one of downtown’s largest buildings. Each night of the fest, attendees and the public alike will be able to watch a sprawling mosaic of animated patterns establish and then corrupt themselves in a mesmerizing loop.

Press play and listen to the accompanying sound piece:

Posted March 1, 2018

TRUE/FALSE 2018 Day 1

Thursday, the first official day of the True/False. We spend the morning putting the finishing touches on theaters and venues, and then kick things off with our fancy Jubilee. While most will have a packed schedule of films, here are some other festivities to enjoy on Thursday, March 1, 2018:



9:00AM – 10:00PM

Individual tickets go on sale at 9AM at our Sager Braudis Box Office and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the screening! Non-passholders may purchase tickets to available films ($12 general admission, $10 student discount. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase). To view the open films, head to Thursday’s schedule.




5:00 – 6:45PM

A masquerade gala at the Missouri Theatre right before diving into the sweeping vistas of The Rider. Don your favorite Western wear, black tie, little black dress, or whatever makes you feel fashion-forward, and of course don’t forget your mask. Merriment spills out onto Ninth Street under the Fest’s palatial party pavilion, where you can sample culinary creations from bleu Events and Fresh Ideas. In the Theatre lobby, enjoy scrumptious bites prepared by the students of the Columbia Area Career Center.

Columbia Art League opens their gallery space, where you can see their latest exhibit: Indulge, which explores humanity’s relationship to food. Stop by the Pinckney Bend and Flor de Caña cocktail stations scattered throughout, each featuring a handcrafted libation (of vodka, gin, rum or whiskey) created by one of Columbia’s finest bartenders.

No Ticket Required. Open to Super Circle, Silver Circle, and Lux passholders.


Photo by Jarred Gastreich.






A convivial reception spotlighting each short film program with eponymous complimentary beverages. Attendees can ask questions one-on-one and indulge in the libations. A True/False programmer will be present at each Q(uench) & A(nswer) to introduce filmmakers and briefly facilitate discussion.

Open to ticketholders of the preceding screening as well as Super Circle and Silver Circle passholders. There are still tickets available to this shorts program. Tickets are available at the Box Office, free for passholders, $12 general admission. 




Doors 8:00PM / Show 9:00PM – 12:30AM

Quebec’s Ada Lea and Thanya Iyer along with Austin’s Lomelda compose an indie-rock showcase stocked with transcendent singing and stellar songwriting.

Free for Super Circle, Silver Circle, Lux, and Busker Band; $5 general admission.





Returning to Thursday night, this legendary party reimagines a downtown Columbia landmark. Artists transform the space into a whiskey-laced wonderland where you can dance the night away to the bass-heavy beats of Lavender Graves and suicideyear.

No ticket required; open to Super Circle, Silver Circle, and Lux passholders.





Our daily film bumpers feature a lavish setpiece, set in motion to illustrate weather proverbs from many cultures. There’s a total of twenty eight proverbs featured over the four days. Identify five or more and send your guesses to and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a True/False 2019 Lux Pass! Top three that guess the most correctly will get one of those swanky 2018 poster jigsaw puzzles that we’re all drooling over. Watch here.







True/False was borne out of a community, a group of dedicated folks who came together to produce a celebration showcasing the newest, boundary-pushing nonfiction cinema, while also emphasizing the spirit and hospitality of a small city in the middle of Missouri. Now that True/False is in its fifteenth year, its seen some amazing folks leave Columbia in pursuit of new adventures, shifting its role from home base to once-a-year adventure. Some return to celebrate with us, some return to showcase their talents, and some return to cure the nostalgia of a place and time. This year, a few dispersed former Columbians will record their journey to True/False and explore the (maybe nonexistent) difference between Home/Away.

This series is an exploration of the gray area that makes dichotomies fruitless, or at least shortsighted. The project, shot entirely on phones from four distinct perspectives, showcases the accessibility of filmmaking in the modern age. As digital technology evolves, and our global society grows smaller, yet seemingly more distant, defining where is home and away has never been more difficult. True/False Film Fest is at the center of that home/away to these individuals:
Tucker Morrison is a filmmaker and recent transplant to Los Angeles by way of Missouri. He spent seven years in Columbia making films with friends, volunteering for True/False and being a part of a community he still considers “home.”

Mollie & Zoe & Emily Hosmer-Dillard are three visual artists and sisters who grew up in Columbia, Missouri and have given a great deal of their time to True/False. The Hosmer-Dillards have created art pieces for the past FIVE years of the Fest. Now living in three different parts of the country (Oregon, New York, and Chicago), the Hosmer-Dillards return with their hand crafted hoard of paper cicadas that swarm the Picturehouse Lobby
Lavender Graves a musician from  Lavender Graves injects gritty hip hop with whirlwind breakbeats and thunderous basslines.
Posted February 28, 2018



Admittedly, we have a lot of events… so we call the Wednesday before the Fest Day 0 to give ourselves a little leeway before the Jubilee cocktails start flowing and the first night of films takes hold. Here’s what’s on the slate for February 28, 2018:



The Sager Braudis Box Office (1025 E. Walnut St.) will open for passholder pick-up from 12PM-8PM. Anyone who purchased a pass, Gateway Packet, or Sunday Spree online are welcome and encouraged to stop in and grab their pass, tickets, and browse some merch. Individual tickets will not be on sale and passholders cannot pick up extra tickets until March 1, 9AM.



Head to Ragtag Cinema at 6:45PM for the opening night of Neither/Nor, our repertory sidebar series celebrating groundbreaking film movements that have evolved the discourse surrounding nonfiction cinema! Tickets are available for free at the Ragtag Box Office (10 Hitt Street) beginning at 12PM. This reception features a screening of Handsworth Songs, followed by a post-screening conversation with guest critic and curator, Ashley Clark, followed by a free performance of Soundtrack for an Imaginary Film, a piece from Dubmorphology. For more information, head here.



Karen Meat comes down from Iowa to join Columbia favorites It’s Me: Ross and Sissy Paycheck for a night of hard rock and easy melodies.  Show starts at 9PM, doors open at 8:30PM.

Free for Super Circle, Silver Circle, Lux, and Busker Band; $5 general admission.

Eastside Tavern (1016 E. Broadway) is a Columbia treasure known for its eclectic decor and tri-weekly karaoke nights that devolve into 1AM ballad-crooning. Owned by the infamous Sal Nuccio, Eastside feels as much an underground music lair as a late-night, karaoke dive bar.




While you roam the city, keep your eye out for our 2018 art installations. They’re popping up all over town. Right now you can see two Alley A pieces All That is Real is Possible & Cool White.



Posted February 27, 2018


The magic of True/False lies within the community, the interconnected web of creator and consumer that is drawn even tighter during the magic of the festival weekend. Dedicated Festgoers have probably noticed that we carefully craft daily film bumpers, short videos that play before every True/False film, based on the visual theme. This year, the bumpers will feature richly designed setpieces (made by Chelsea Myers and Becca Sullinger) that illustrate a variety of weather proverbs from multiple cultures, casting a wide net for the most visually intriguing ones. Keep a close eye on each day’s videos and see if you’re able to identify some of these adages that foretell seasonal happenings. Some are more obscure than others.


There’s a total of twenty eight proverbs featured over the four days. Identify five or more and send your guesses to and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a True/False 2019 Lux Pass. The top three that guess the most correctly will get one of those swanky 2018 poster jigsaw puzzles.


Daily bumpers will be posted HERE for viewers intent on taking a second, third, or fourth look.

Posted February 26, 2018


Hy-Vee and True/False have joined forces to grow the film festival’s sustainability program, now in its third year.

Hy-Vee’s values align with those of Columbia’s home-grown festival. “We continue to find ways to shrink our carbon footprint and generate awareness for best practices like recycling, composting and shifting to alternative sources of energy,” said True/False co-director Paul Sturtz.

“Sustainability is part of our focus on healthy living,” said Matt Off, director of the Columbia, Missouri Rock Bridge Hy-Vee. “Working towards more sustainable ways of doing business is part of our overall mission to make people’s lives easier, healthier and happier.”

Hy-Vee will support the 30-member True/False Green Team, which collects food waste from seven restaurants and nine venues and spaces throughout the weekend. Last year, the Green Team captured over 2,200 lbs of food waste which was turned into nutrient-rich soil used to grow local produce by the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture’s “Planting for the Pantry” program. The composting bins have been provided with support from St. James Winery.


Hy-Vee has agreed to donate ten percent of proceeds from selected grocery items to the Fest’s sustainability program, including St. James wine and True/False limited edition beer from Logboat and Public House breweries.

A first time sponsor of True/False, Renew Missouri will present the Forrest Theater and launch its “Home Grown Energy” project at a benefit from 3 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 1 at The Industry in the Tiger Hotel.

True/False received the 2017 Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Award for Innovation Best Practices as a result of its expansive efforts to one day become a Zero-Waste Fest. “As the Fest continues to strive toward zero-waste, we encourage our community to join us in the mission for a sustainable future,” said Patricia Weisenfelder, sustainability coordinator for the Fest. The pillars of the festival’s sustainability programming include:

Reducing Starting this year, True/False is going straw free and encouraging local restaurants to do the same. Additionally, Camp True/False will be passing on disposables and switching to reusable plates and flatware. These dishes will cover four meals for over 100 students and prevent the need for nearly 450 place-settings.

Recycling is is available at every film and event at the fest. The City of Columbia’s Solid Waste Utility provides additional recycling bins and dumpsters dispersed throughout downtown and monitored by the Green Team. Fest-goers are encouraged to recycle all glass, aluminum, plastics labeled 1-7, and paper products. By paying extra attention to what attendees tossing and where, T/F can reduce our landfill contribution.

Reusing Supplies and materials from previous years are integrated into new displays. Artists are encouraged to add an element of environmental consciousness to their creations. Old apparel and other items have been donated or upcycled into scarves.

Transportation True/False is a centrally located, walkable, bikeable, mass transit accessible Fest. Out-of-town guests are encouraged to rent bikes from local shops and are provided additional bike parking racks by GetAbout Columbia. Bike riders can stop by a bike check station for free tune-ups, safety tips, and inspections compliments of Walt’s Bike Shop. T/F has partnered with Go COMO to provide free public transportation on city buses during the weekend as well as a special T/F venue route.

Hydration Water refill stations will be offered at most venues, courtesy of Ecowater Systems. Also, many places around town, including Kaldi’s Coffee, offer a discount for using refillable mugs.

Conversation Stations and Solar Education Booth Solar-powered lighting will illuminate discussions at hubs in the Fest’s Sculpture Yard on South Ninth Street, courtesy of Missouri Solar Applications, LLC.

For more about True/False’s Green Mission head here.

Posted February 23, 2018

True/False partners with Brown Girls Doc Mafia

We’re proud to host more than 30 members of the Brown Girls Doc Mafia collective in a new partnership to bring an infusion of women filmmakers of color to the festival space.

Formed in 2015 by Iyabo Boyd, the Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) is a collective of filmmakers and industry representatives who identify as women and gender nonconforming people of color working in documentary film. The group currently boasts more than 1,400 members across the globe, building community online and in person to further members’ creative enrichment, to exchange resources and ideas, and to bolster professional growth and opportunity.



BGDM’s attendance at T/F is a crucial part of their aim to raise the attendance and visibility of women filmmakers of color at film festivals to encourage collaboration and to advance diversity and inclusion in the documentary field.

True/False will draw upon BGDM in a variety of ways that deeply integrate members of the collective into the festival fabric. Some members, such as Lyric Cabral ((T)error, T/F 2015), Farihah Zaman, Jaad Asante, and Boyd are returning guests of T/F. This year, they will be present to introduce films and to facilitate post-screening Q&As with directors.


Other members of the collective will mentor high school and college students and lead interactive workshops through T/F’s educational offerings such as DIY Day and the Student Symposium. For T/F programmer Abby Sun, incorporating BGDM members into education programs is of paramount importance: “How does it feel to be a young person of color aspiring to be an artist or a filmmaker to attend a film festival in which the directors and mentors they are most likely to encounter do not look like them? From experience, it can be demoralizing in the very space that is supposed to be inspiring.”


All BGDM members attending T/F 2018 will be welcomed as official festival guests, with the goal of integrating BGDM into T/F’s vibrant documentary community and giving industry attendees and other filmmakers access to the talent in the group.

“With our partnership with BGDM, T/F aims to continue the delicate, thorny work of introducing those who inhabit the world of documentary film as well as our own mid-Missouri communities to underrepresented voices, ultimately building towards a more inclusive, beautiful, and truthful depiction of the world,” says Sun.


Emphasizing the importance of diversifying all festival spaces, Boyd writes, “Being present at film festivals is crucial for a filmmaker to enrich their creative palette, to meet future collaborators, to showcase their work and be considered for opportunities, and to contribute their voice to the critical topics being discussed in our field. For women and gender nonconforming filmmakers of color, attendance and visibility also means breaking down the myth of the lack of filmmakers of color in our industry, and dismantling the curse of tokenism. We’re thrilled to be partnering with T/F in this initiative.”

Of the 40 feature films at T/F 2018, 45% are directed or co-directed by filmmakers who are women and 33% are directed or co-directed by filmmakers of color.


 The partnership between True/False and BGDM is supported in part by JustFilms, the Ford Foundation’s social justice film fund.

Posted February 22, 2018

Gateway Packet Films 2018

Grabbing a Gateway Packet and want to do some planning? Here are the films that will be available to Gateway Packet purchasers, in handy grid format and a list of film descriptions.*

Just a reminder, the Gateway Packet gives you the unique ability to reserve any combination of three tickets (multiple tickets for one film, or single tickets for different films) online before the festival begins. Gateway sales will begin at 10am on February 20 and end at 6pm on February 23. Just a reminder that you select your films at the time of purchase, so have those wish lists ready!

*Note, these are the films that are available at the beginning of Gateway reservations! Some films may go NRT as reservations continue.



Posted February 19, 2018

2018 Schedule Grid with Reservation Blocks

Next level scheduling: we made a planning friendly grid so you can see the films you have to choose from in each time block! All that’s left is the choosing. Happy reservations, Lux-ers!

Click here for a print-friendly PDF



Posted February 16, 2018

2018 Films Announced


True/False Film Fest is proud to announce its 2018 slate of 40 new feature films that expand the boundaries of nonfiction and invite audiences to be challenged, inspired, and entertained.

These films were selected from roughly 1,300 submissions plus hundreds more scouted at festivals around the world. The festival seeks to highlight work that exhibits the highest levels of craft, tells untold stories and creatively advances the documentary form.


A half-dozen films will mark their festival debut at True/False. América, from filmmaking team Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll, tenderly portrays a playful trio of brothers who step up to take care of their grandmother in Colima, Mexico. In Black Mother, Khalik Allah takes audiences on a spiritual journey through Jamaica. Miles Lagoze’s Combat Obscura is the ultimate insider’s view of Marines in Afghanistan. Lovers of the Night, from Anna Frances Ewert, introduces Irish monks, holding on faithfully to their fragile monastery, as they confide their most profound secrets. Kim Hopkins’ Voices of the Sea takes viewers to a Cuban seaside where a couple must wrestle with whether to stay or go. The Task is Leigh Ledare’s provocation in which a confounding group of strangers cross-examine their tangled group dynamic.



Twelve other films are launching their stateside tours at True/False. Leilah Weinraub’s Shakedown is already being described as a “lo-fi Magic Mike XXL,” a raucous celebration of a black lesbian strip club. Flight of a Bullet is a revelatory, singular take on the war movie embedded within a controversial pro-Ukrainian group. Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami features the iconic singer as she magically dances between down-to-earth moments with her Jamaican family and pure transcendence on stage. Makala is an epic journey film set in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Four countries are represented for the first time within the True/False selection. From Uruguay, directors Adriana Loeff and Claudia Abend observe a prickly marriage in La Flor de la Vida. Both The Family, Rok Bi?ek’s intimate decade-long study of a young father, and Playing Men, Matjaž Ivanišin’s lush survey of regional games and sports, hail from Slovenia. Dieudo Hamadi’s Kinshasa Makambo follows the efforts of a group of young activists in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Next Guardian, co-directed by Dorottya Zurbó and Arun Bhattarai, delivers a charming story of two siblings in Bhutan.



2018 continues with the fest’s most internationally diverse lineup ever. This includes a far-ranging group of films from Argentina (Primas), Chile (Adriana’s Pact), Brazil (Gabriel and the Mountain), Mexico (Artemio), Romania (António e Catarina), France (Makala), Germany (Lovers of the Night), the UK (American Animals, Voices of the Sea, Three Identical Strangers, Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, and Westwood), Syria (Of Fathers and Sons), China (Taming the Horse and Self-Portrait: Birth in 47KM), and Russia (Flight of a Bullet).


As in past editions, this year’s True/False lineup features a selection of fiction films in conversation with their nonfiction brethren. American Animals is a white-knuckled heist film from director Bart Layton (The Imposter). In The Rider, a breathtaking new film from Chloé Zhao, a young cowboy’s family and friends portray versions of themselves as Zhao traces a script around the experiences of her non-professional actors. Gabriel and the Mountain, from Brazilian director Fellipe Barbosa, retraces his adventurous friend’s last days in East Africa with the help of the real people who met him.


And last, but certainly not least, the latest edition of the festival features films from two frequent visitors – Robert Greene returns for a record fifth time with Bisbee ‘17, a wildly creative look at labor history in Arizona. And Morgan Neville (Oscar-winner with 20 Feet From Stardom) presents his fourth T/F feature, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (presented by Veterans United), a cultural history of Fred Rogers. And True/False will feature first-time feature director Tim Wardle’s Three Identical Strangers as the post-parade Reality Bites screening.


Additional announcements to come include the release of our shorts slate tomorrow, Thursday, February 8; and the full schedule on Saturday, February 10.





Posted February 7, 2018
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