Boone Dawdle 2018 Concert: Tonina and SIFA.

We are excited to say that our Boone Dawdle 2018 concert features a pretty phenomenal lineup. This year, the future-soul stylings of SIFA and the genre-defying tunes of the transcendent Tonina, and her euphonic quartet, will grace the stage at Les Bourgeois Vineyards. Here’s a taste:


Plus! We have an extra special guest joining the merriment: Danny Paul Grody of San Francisco will join The Gospel of Eureka filmmakers and fellow composers Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher on stage for samplings of their intimate score just before we kick back to watch the film.



Posted July 20, 2018

Rough Cut Retreat 2018 Projects


Catapult Film Fund and True/False are thrilled to announce the 2018 projects that will participate in Rough Cut Retreat 2018.  Catapult and True/False are dedicated to supporting work whose content and aesthetics push boundaries and that provoke dynamic discussion. Rough Cut Retreat provides filmmakers with dedicated time to focus on post-production and receive invaluable feedback from other filmmakers. The 2018 project contingent includes:


Anbessa (dir. Mo Scarpelli) explores the rich inner world of a lion-hearted, ten-year-old boy in Ethiopia as he weathers the tides of change that threaten to usurp his community and country.


Queen of the Battling Butterfly Brigade (dir. Daniel Hymanson) is a film about aging, ecstasy, and finding the infinite in the infinitesimal.


Scars (dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka) follows a former female fighter and radical ideologue of the Tamil Tigers, in a post-civil war Sri Lanka. When she leaves her quiet countryside life to find her fellow comrades, she faces her own dark past and the trauma of war.


Stray (dir. Elizabeth Lo) sees the world through the eyes of three street dogs in Turkey, a nation in a profound state of flux. The film finds dignity in both the dogs and the marginalized people around them.


Truth or Consequences (dir. Hannah Jayanti) is about the eponymous, small desert town in New Mexico banking on the world’s first commercial spaceport. This dusty no man’s land and its longtime residents are both eager for and weary of big changes.


These five filmmakers with in-progress projects are paired up with invited mentors to take their rough cut to a fine cut with an eye toward fall festival deadlines. Mentors are hand-picked for their editorial strength and generosity of spirit. This year’s cohort includes:


Josh Penn is an Oscar-nominated producer whose films include the four-time Academy Award nominated Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Contemporary Color, and, most recently, Monsters and Men.  He also executive-produced Patti Cake$ and co-produced SXSW-winning The Great Invisible.


Rachel Grady, along with co-director Heidi Ewing runs Loki Films and has made six feature-length films, including Jesus Camp, The Boys of Baraka, 12th & Delaware, Detropia, and Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You. Their most recent is One of Us about the enormously insular world of Hasidic Judaism.


Erin Casper is a New-York-based editor who has worked on films including American Promise. Her other credits include Detropia (as Associate Editor), and Our School. Erin was the inaugural recipient for the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship and an editing fellow at the Sundance Documentary Edit Lab.


Roger Ross Williams is known for directing Life Animated, God Loves Uganda and Music by Prudence; He is the first African American to win an Academy Award for directing and producing a film, short or feature. Prior to that, Roger was an acclaimed television journalist and producer for over 15 years.


Aaron Wickenden is an editor and cinematographer whose films include The Interrupters, Finding Vivian Maier and The Trials of Muhammad Ali. His close collaboration with Morgan Neville includes Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and Best of Enemies. In 2015, Aaron co-directed his first feature film, Almost There.

Posted June 18, 2018

Boone Dawdle 2018 Film: THE GOSPEL OF EUREKA

True/False is pleased to present The Gospel of Eureka at the 2018 Boone Dawdle! The Boone Dawdle is annual summer celebration. After a day on the trail, we reward the days efforts at Blufftop Bistro at Les Bourgeois Vineyards and serve up a delicious local food picnic-style dinner, listen to one of our favorite bands, and then, after the sun has dropped, we’ll kick back on the hillside to enjoy an outdoor screening of The Gospel of Eureka under the stars, all while looking out over the Missouri River valley.


The Gospel of Eureka is a new non-fiction revelation directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher (T/F 2009’s October Country). As the sun sets in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, thousands gather under the stars to watch a lavish reproduction of the last week of Jesus’ life. Down the road, another devout crowd convenes to revel in a spirited, gospel-tinged drag show. It’s easy to view these spaces as dichotomous, but as many in small town America could tell you, there’s a more nuanced explanation for their co-existence. Operating with love, grace and a devilish sense of humor, The Gospel of Eureka captures the stories of this peculiar community — both its dark and surprising past, as well as the colorful personalities who call it home today. Narrated by Mx Justin Vivian Bond. Directors Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher will join us during the Dawdle and for a post-screening Q&A!



Posted June 15, 2018

Neither/Nor 2019 Receives Funding from The Academy!

Good news! The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has awarded True/False $10,000 for the continuation of its Neither/Nor Series. Now entering its sixth year, Neither/Nor is True/False’s ongoing survey of groundbreaking film movements that—through their imaginative approaches to sound, image, and reality—altered the course of nonfiction cinema. In keeping with its name, Neither/Nor draws attention to film movements that have traditionally been neglected by the documentary world (for not being ‘documentary enough’) and the fiction world (for being ‘too-documentary’).

For each edition of Neither/Nor, True/False selects a film programmer-writer, who researches that year’s focus and selects a handful of works to present throughout the True/False weekend (February 28 – March 3, 2019). During True/False, guests will participate in at least six free festival screenings, alongside classroom visits. The guest programmer also contextualizes the series in a monograph, which consists of essays and interviews with the filmmakers. This monograph is available for free in various venues throughout downtown Columbia and is also posted in its entirety on the True/False website.

Past subjects of Neither/Nor include a selection of Polish filmmakers who used documentary in subversive ways during the Communist era and ‘shockumentary’ filmmakers who relied on the exploitation home video market to fund provocative, political cinema about gun control and colonialism. Last year, Ashley Clark, senior programmer of cinema at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), presented four films from the Black Audio Film Collective, a group of multidisciplinary and multimedia artists whose work reckons with history and memory—particularly as it pertains to colonialist societies and the African diaspora—in ways that are intellectually rigorous, inventive, and expressive.


The Academy is supporting this series through a FilmWatch Grant, which also supports the Big Sky Film Institute, Milwaukee Film, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and many others. “This year the Grants are proud to support 51 organizations whose innovative programs reach broad audiences, underserved high school and college students, support mid-career and emerging filmmakers, and engage and enrich their local communities. The Grants also reached out to support several film archives devastated by recent climate events. It is the Grants’ privilege and responsibility to fund organizations, rising and established, that reflect both The Academy’s values and its leadership role in the arts,” said Buffy Shutt, chair of the Academy’s grants committee.

Since its start in 2004, True/False has increasingly investigated the vast, vital slash between True and False by spotlighting documentaries that transcend mere reportage and incorporate the cinematic qualities of fiction filmmaking. True/False will announce more details about Neither/Nor’s 2019 edition in late 2018.

For more information on Neither/Nor, and downloads of previous years’ monographs visit, head here!

Posted May 24, 2018


With each edition of the festival, True/False reinvents itself aesthetically based on a provoking prompt that we take on as our visual theme. Visual artists help us transform downtown Columbia into a wonderland of art in dialogue, each piece responding to different facets of the overarching prompt. Each year, we encourage artists to use the visual theme as inspiration in addition to the ever-present ideas and mission of the festival (broadly, an immersive artistic experience that seeks to transform the everyday).

We’re pleased to announce the visual theme for 2019 is STRANGER <-> HOST


Both “stranger” and “host” contain contradictions — “stranger” brings up menacing images as well as the exciting, the new, an adventure; while “host” invokes welcoming, open arms, but also parasites and invading armies. We are interested in provoking artists to explore the tensions inherent within the phrase “stranger <-> host.” Clearly, our binary understanding of this oppositional pair – the outsider and the insider – is fast evolving into a multi-directional relationship.

The idea of unbidden guests feels particularly rich in the nonfiction world, in which some filmmakers embed themselves in strangers’ lives in order to reveal messy truths, while others dredge up truths from within.

Visually, we imagine explorations of evocative relationships ranging from the human microbiome to the extraterrestrial outer limits. We encourage artwork that plays in the no-man’s-land between borders (like the slash in T/F) – liminal spaces where our assumptions can be upended.

Posted April 23, 2018

WHERE TO WATCH: True/False 2018 Films


AMERICAN ANIMALS The Orchard & MoviePass June 1, 2018
LOVE MEANS ZERO Showtime Documentary Films
MAKALA Kino Lorber
THE RIDER Sony April 13, 2018
SHIRKERS Netflix Fall 2018
WESTWOOD Greenwich June 15, 2018
WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? Focus Features June 8, 2018


* To view the trailer, click the theatrical release date.

Posted April 17, 2018

A note from T/F co-conspirator, David Wilson:

A quick note from David about some changes to the True/False programming team next year as he refocuses his role at True/False in pursuit of some creative endeavors:


For fifteen years I’ve served as the co-conspirator and part of the programming team at True/False. I can imagine few personal or professional experiences more rewarding. I cannot begin to describe all that I’ve learned from the True/False team, especially my co-founder Paul Sturtz.

Most of you know me as a film festival director and programmer. Many of you also know that I make movies. For the last ten years I’ve worked to keep myself active in both sides of my creative and professional life. But there’s no question that it has, at times, been a challenging juggling act. So, for 2019, I’m going to be restructuring my fest work with an eye towards freeing up some time for more active filmmaking.

This is a one year experiment. I’ll be reorganizing my festival load to better focus on new initiatives and longterm projects – the kind of stuff that’s been really difficult to work on in the midst of programming. The biggest change for me will be stepping away from programming. I’m quite sure that the feeling of not being in the trenches alongside my fellow programmers will be akin to some sort of phantom limb syndrome, but I’m even more sure that the fest is in the very best of hands. And I’ll be maintaining a creative presence across the fest, helping out as needed and continuing to serve as creative foil for Paul.

Finally, this step for me wouldn’t be possible, in many ways, without my partner in ALL things, the extraordinary Arin Liberman. I’m looking forward to supporting her in the coming year as she returns to full-time work at True/False.

Posted April 5, 2018

Sustainability Report 2018

True/False believes in our responsibility to future generations to do what is environmentally and socially just for our local and global community. Our mid-Missouri home is a beautiful place, and we’re adopting practices that keep our shared space a sublime place to discover beauty and art.  We have a Green Team, supported by Hy-Vee and led by sustainability coordinator Patricia Hayles-Weisenfelder, that worked all weekend to help us be as eco-friendly as possible. The reports are in and we’re proud to say we exceeded last year’s diversion numbers.

  • We collected 2,580.91 lbs of food waste (that’s over 1.25 tons! It’s also 378.31 lbs MORE than last year, but it’s also 50.5 lbs LESS food wasted from events!)
  • We collected 1,777.99 lbs of recyclables (1040.95 lbs from events and 737.04 lbs reported from non-event volunteers!).
  • We diverted 87.94% of event waste from the landfill (that’s 2.5% MORE than last year!) Also note that 90% is considered “Zero-Waste”
    • 92.11% at Jubilee (84.2% last year)
    • 77.08% at Reality Bites (82.46% last year)
    • 91.35% at Fete (91.57& last year)
    • 91.22% at Closing Reception (83.58% last year) *thanks to Addison’s compostable serveware.
  • We reduced our overall (trash+recycle+food) event waste by 157.17 lbs.  (1845.9 in 2017 & 1688.73 in 2018).
  • We reduced our event landfill contribution (trash) by 78.52 lbs (291.3 in 2017 & 212.78 in 2018).


For more about this year’s sustainability efforts head here.

Posted March 8, 2018


Sunday, the last day of True/False 2018. A bittersweet day in which we celebrate and say goodbye to another year of nonfiction nirvana. There are still plenty of parties, plenty of films, and plenty of beer & waffles to be consumed, so don’t fret! Here’s what’s on the slate for Sunday, March 4, 2018:



9:00AM – 5:00PM

Individual tickets go on sale at 9AM at our Sager Braudis Box Office and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the screening! Non-passholders may purchase tickets to available films ($12 general admission, $10 student discount. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase). To view the open films, head to Sunday’s schedule. Sunday Spree folks, today’s your day! Grab those extra tickets as you please and clock in for a full day of films.



 9:30am – 11:00am

Join our piquant Provocateurs at Rhynsburger Theatre, host Logan Hill, and some surprise guests for a variety show featuring provocations, music, and storytelling. Immediately following, the conversations continue in the Bingham Gallery (right across the hall) with a high tea.

Ticket required, Q’ing welcome.




12:00PM and 2:30PM

Bon vivant and raconteur Gabriel Williams leads rollicking tours of downtown art and curiosities, including many of True/False’s art installations. Start your tour at the Sager Braudis Box Office and make your way through the festival footprint.

Free and open to the public


Art Ramble with Gabe Wallace


Closing Night Reception


A common meal for all who attend The Price of Everything at Missouri Theatre. Catered for the 15th year in a row by the stalwarts at Addison’s—the drinks flow courtesy of our friends at Logboat, Public House, Rock Bridge breweries and St. James Winery. Ticket required; the film ticket includes the reception. PRESENTED BY ADDISON’S AMERICAN GRILL



TV Party


Exhausted from watching movies? Head to Willy Wilson at Ragtag for the perfect cure: once-a-year TV show that’s all about movies? Cheer on your friends and take a drink every time you see Viola or Meryl.

Free and open to the public, no ticket required.


Buskers Last Stand


With a tear and a beer (courtesy of Logboat, Public House, and Rock Bridge), the festival ends as the last air escapes the bellows of the accordion, trumpet, and megaphone. Link arms with your festival friends and join True/False’s own second line in the lobby of Missouri Theatre as we throw an instant wake at the Missouri Theatre for T/F 2018 following the Q&A after The Price Of Everything.

No ticket required; open to all passholders.


Buskers Last Waltz


Swing your partner round and round in the atrium of Jesse Hall following the Closing Night screening of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers will promenade you down the line as beer—courtesy of our friends at Logboat, Public House, and Rock Bridge—and music flow, keeping the spirit of dance & T/F alive before it slumbers for another year. Live music will be provided by buskers; dancing shoes encouraged!

No ticket required; open to all passholders.

Hitt Rexx Sessions


Nestled inside Ragtag’s homebase, Hitt Records will open its stage to showcase world-renowned harpist Mary Lattimore along with electro-acoustic folk collective Nevada Greene for a calm culmination to a frenetic weekend.

Free; donations appreciated!



12:30 – 4AM

Come talk (free!) and eat waffles (not free!) at venerable breakfast joint Cafe Berlin, which for one night only will swing open its doors at 12:30am and stay cooking ’til the hungry hordes leave. Toasted’s sideshow is a free-wheeling talk show where Nicolas Rapold trades repartee with other critics for the Film Comment podcast. Slide your chair in to` find out the weekend’s standouts.

Free and open to the public.




Posted March 4, 2018

TRUE/FALSE 2018 Day 3

Saturday we hit our stride and get into the thick of the weekend. It’s a packed day and we challenge you to indulge as many events as possible while still making time for all those incredible films. Here’s what’s on the slate for Saturday, March 3, 2018:



9:00AM – 10:00PM

Individual tickets go on sale at 9AM at our Sager Braudis Box Office and will be on sale until 30 minutes before the screening! Non-passholders may purchase tickets to available films ($12 general admission, $10 student discount. Must present a valid student ID at time of purchase). To view the open films, head to Saturday’s schedule.




12:00PM and 2:30PM

Bon vivant and raconteur Gabriel Williams leads rollicking tours of downtown art and curiosities, including many of True/False’s art installations. Start your tour at the Sager Braudis Box Office and make your way through the festival footprint.

Free and open to the public




The festival panel is a tired tradition and T/F is doing its part to jettison them once and for all with our intimate Field Sessions. These close encounters between two (or three!) artists provide an unsurpassed intimacy that can’t be achieved in a multi-person panel. Each session is a deep dive into the ideas that shape nonfiction filmmaking in 2018.
All Field Sessions take place at the Little Chapel at the Picturehouse.


Rejoice – 1:00pm

With RaMell Ross and Leilah Weinraub

Over years of editing, both Leilah Weinraub (SHAKEDOWN) and RaMell Ross (Hale County This Morning, This Evening) found themselves migrating away from conventional cinematic languages. In this conversation they discuss how they are seeking to reshape documentary grammar and expand the way films view black bodies.


Reflect – 3:00pm

With Kim Hopkins, Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside

Directors Kim Hopkins (Voices of the Sea), Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside (América) spent significant time with their subjects, close-knit families in Cuba and Mexico, respectively. Join these three as they consider the many things they have in common, from their Spanish-language immersions to their experiences at True/False and Catapult Film Fund’s Rough Cut Retreat.



Courtyard Concert

4:00 – 7:00PM

Outdoor yet totally toasty; enjoy the soaring harmonies of The Big Sky and Sterling/Pale along with the roaring guitars of local freak-folk rockers The Adaptation. Located in the Landmark Bank Courtyard.

Free & open to the public.


Sanctuary Showcase

7:00 – 8:00PM

Find sanctuary in the sounds of Moroccan master guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Mahmoud Chouki and the Chicago experimental jazz duo Sun Speak. Located at the Calvary Episcopal Church.

Free & open to the public.


Berlin Saturday Night Showcase

Doors 7:00PM / Show 8:00PM – 12:30AM

Tonina, pinkcaravan!, and the New Creations Brass Band join 18andCounting and TheOnlyEnsemble on a jam-packed bill of jazz and soul and hip-hop and everything in between.

Free for Super/Silver, Lux, Busker Band, $5 general admission.



Rose Saturday Night After Party


Indie folk dynamo Esmé Patterson plugs in her electric guitar to rock Rose Music Hall with “non-genre” pop star Mobley and psychedelic folk enigma Skyway Man.

Free for Super/Silver, Lux, Busker Band, $5 general admission.






10:00PM – 12:00AM
America’s favorite documentary game show challenges the audience and a panel of esteemed contestants to determine truthiness. Local non-professional filmmakers attempt to fool seasoned directors by presenting their totally true or totally false two-minute docs. Hosted by Brian Babylon, a Chicago-born comic who is a frequent guest on NPR’s weekly news quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” The 2018 contestants/judges are Sierra Pettengill (“Graven Image”), Sandi Tan (Shirkers), and Chase Whiteside (América).
 Ticket required, Q’ing encouraged (most people get in from the Q!).

photo by Morgan Lieberman


11:59PM – 1:15AMComedian Brian Babylon records his first comedy album, and you are invited to be the studio audience! Directly after Gimme Truth!, settle in and prepare for a raucous good time.


Free to Super Circle, Silver Circle, and Lux passholders; $5 Gen Admission.



Our daily film bumpers feature a lavish diorama, set in motion to illustrate weather proverbs from many cultures. There’s a total of twenty eight proverbs featured over the four days. Identify five or more and send your guesses to [email protected] and you’ll be entered in a drawing to receive a True/False 2019 Lux Pass! Top three that guess the most correctly will get one of those swanky 2018 poster jigsaw puzzles that we’re all drooling over. Watch here.


Posted March 3, 2018
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