September 12, 2022


Columbia, Missouri—In an agile model of collective leadership, the Ragtag Film Society has been led by a three-person executive team, which takes the next step in its evolution with the upcoming departure of Camellia Cosgray. Along with Barbie Banks and Arin Liberman, Cosgray has been Co-Executive Director, commonly referred to as “Co-Custodian”, since the Spring of 2020. Having led the organization through the initial COVID-19 lockdown, shifting capacity limitations at Ragtag Cinema, an entirely re-imagined, outdoor True/False Film Fest in 2021, and a limited return to indoors in 2022, Cosgray departs at the end of September as the 2022 fiscal year comes to a close.

“As we have all experienced, the past couple of years have been a great challenge to our business community. Particularly hard hit has been our not-for-profits. Our ability to continue to successfully carry out our mission has been as a result of the hard work and dedication of our leadership team. Camellia has played a significant role in that leadership and we are most appreciative of her significant contributions. As she moves on to the next phase of her career, we will miss her.” said Board President Gary Oxenhandler.

Cosgray began her tenure with the organization in 2009 and over the past 14 years has worn increasingly complex hats from True Life Fund coordinator to visual artist, Operations Director to Festival Director. With her keen sense of the enigmatic True/False aesthetic, she has consistently contributed to the annual festival theme and key art design, adding richness and intentionality to even the most subtle aspects of the experience.

About her decision to move on Cosgray remarked, “It’s been a truly incredible experience working for Ragtag Film Society; leaving is bittersweet. I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to learn and grow with RFS—especially these last two years of leading the organization with Arin and Barbie—and am looking forward to continuing to support True/False and Ragtag Cinema as a filmgoer for many years to come.”

Banks and Liberman will continue as Co-Custodians into the 2023 fiscal year and festival season, leading a phenomenal, creative cohort of departmental leaders, whose vision and expertise will direct RFS through its post-pandemic transition. Stacie Pottinger, Director of Development & Sponsorship, Travis Bird, Technical Director, Chloe Trayner, Artistic Director, Faramola Shonekan, Director of Community Partnerships & Education, and Grace Piontek, Operations Director, make up a core team who will carry on the model of collective leadership, ensuring the org is collaborative, equitable, and sustainable in its re-imagining.


For more information, contact: 

Arin Liberman, RFS Co-Custodian: [email protected]

LeeAnne Lowry, RFS Press & Marketing Manager: [email protected]