Hy-Vee and True/False have joined forces to grow the film festival’s sustainability program, now in its third year. Hy-Vee’s values align with those of Columbia’s home-grown festival. “We continue to find ways to shrink our carbon footprint and generate awareness for best practices like recycling, composting and shifting to alternative sources of energy,” said True/False … Continued

True/False partners with Brown Girls Doc Mafia

We’re proud to host more than 30 members of the Brown Girls Doc Mafia collective in a new partnership to bring an infusion of women filmmakers of color to the festival space. Formed in 2015 by Iyabo Boyd, the Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) is a collective of filmmakers and industry representatives who identify as … Continued

Gateway Packet Films 2018

Grabbing a Gateway Packet and want to do some planning? Here are the films that will be available to Gateway Packet purchasers, in handy grid format and a list of film descriptions.* Just a reminder, the Gateway Packet gives you the unique ability to reserve any combination of three tickets (multiple tickets for one film, or single … Continued

2018 Schedule Grid with Reservation Blocks

Next level scheduling: we made a planning friendly grid so you can see the films you have to choose from in each time block! All that’s left is the choosing. Happy reservations, Lux-ers! Click here for a print-friendly PDF    

2018 Films Announced

  True/False Film Fest is proud to announce its 2018 slate of 40 new feature films that expand the boundaries of nonfiction and invite audiences to be challenged, inspired, and entertained. These films were selected from roughly 1,300 submissions plus hundreds more scouted at festivals around the world. The festival seeks to highlight work that … Continued


  We’re delighted to announce filmmaker Dieudo Hamadi as the recipient of our 2018 True Vision Award in honor of his advancement of nonfiction filmmaking. True Vision is the only award given out at the fest. Hamadi is the 15th recipient of this honor. Last year, the award was given to French director Claire Simon. … Continued


True/False presents the third year of Provocations: a curated selection of incendiary thinkers. These whip-smart presenters will appear before feature films, injecting a mini “ideas-fest” into True/False, offering challenging ideas in five-minute blasts. These five individuals stand ready to rearrange worldviews with the power of their words. Aja Romano: Drawing upon her background in fandom, … Continued


At this year’s True/False, the Fest collaborates with writer and programmer Ashley Clark on a celebration of the Black Audio Film Collective. This retrospective is a part of the festival’s Neither/Nor sidebar, a celebration of groundbreaking film movements that have evolved the discourse surrounding nonfiction cinema. This year’s Neither/Nor program is again presented with the … Continued


Music touches every part of the festival: Buskers play sets before film showings, headline evening showcases, DJ late-night dance parties, ignite the annual parade, and pop-up on street corners and balconies for impromptu shows. This stylistically diverse cohort of musicians ranges from deep-South authentic blues to indie folk to progressive funk.  Preview their music here … Continued


True/False brings a multitude of talented visual artists from near and far to reinvent venues and transform the City for the four days during True/False. What began as a visual backdrop for the festival fourteen years ago is now an integral part of the weekend. Each art installation responds to the festival’s visual theme, an … Continued