Teleported True/False

The Teleported Fest Selections:

Teleported Schedule

Wednesday: Delphine’s Prayers
The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman
Shorts: Cicada 69
Shorts: Coyote 77
Shorts: Stag 67
Shorts: Sturgeon 73

Thursday: No Kings

Friday: Songs that Flood the River

Saturday: From the Wild Sea
This Rain Will  Never Stop

Sunday: The Grocer’s Son, the Mayor, the Village and the World

Shorts programs and the True Vision retrospective selection, The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman, are available the entire five days starting May 5 starting at 4pm (CDT). Weekday new features launch for an initial 10-hour window from 4pm to 2am (CDT) on the day they open and will be available for a second window on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 2am. Saturday & Sunday new features will open at 9am on their respective launch days and remain available for the remainder of the weekend hours.



The Teleported experience was priced on a sliding scale starting at $200 with the suggested price of $695. A major reason for this pricing model is to include young filmmakers who may not have the resources to take part in the Teleported Fest – and we are, in part, subsidizing this by asking folks who feel they can to pay a little more for this experience. It’s important to note that all Teleporters will receive the same benefits no matter the amount paid. 

Not just another virtual festival. The Teleported Fest brings the soul of True/False into your home with a five day, hyper-curated interactive film experience. Be the first in the world to view new films as you sip and snack on a selection of locally sourced treats, lounge in festival merch, and engage with films in new and unexpected ways. While the Teleported Fest is primarily geared towards out-of-towners (since we know travel is inadvisable during a pandemic), all are welcome to fill out the application form. Pass includes:

  • A selection of brand new T/F 2021 films. May include world premieres, secret screenings, and surprise selections (note that each film will have an initial, limited viewing window, with a longer window for all films on the last day of the Fest). Approximately half of the full T/F 2021 film lineup will be available to watch online via Teleported.
  • A series of custom-designed packages overflowing with goodies. Absolutely not guaranteed to contain any/all of the following: popcorn, books, coffee, chocolate, scarves, mugs, tshirts, music, hoodies, slankets, candles, calls to action, puzzles, socks, handmade crafts, potted plants, technological wonders, an inflatable box office, genuine imitation sticky theater floor mat, etc. 
  • Unique online content TBA, including small group discussions with filmmakers, subjects, T/F programmers, and other Teleporters.
  • NB: International guest will pay a surcharge for shipping, and international shipping may not be possible depending on location.

If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]