Teleported True/False

Apply for a Teleported Fest pass for True/False 2021 via the form below. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected].

Not just another virtual festival. The Teleported Fest ($695) brings the soul of True/False into your home with a five day, hyper-curated interactive film experience. Be the first in the world to view new films as you sip and snack on a selection of locally sourced treats, lounge in festival merch, and engage with films in new and unexpected ways. While the Teleported Fest is primarily geared towards out-of-towners (since we know travel is inadvisable during a pandemic), all are welcome to fill out the application form. Pass includes:

  • A selection of brand new T/F 2021 films. May include world premieres, secret screenings, and surprise selections (note that each film will have an initial, limited viewing window, with a longer window for all films on the last day of the Fest). Approximately half of the full T/F 2021 film lineup will be available to watch online via Teleported.
  • A series of custom-designed packages overflowing with goodies. Absolutely not guaranteed to contain any/all of the following: popcorn, books, coffee, chocolate, scarves, mugs, tshirts, music, hoodies, slankets, candles, calls to action, puzzles, socks, handmade crafts, potted plants, technological wonders, an inflatable box office, genuine imitation sticky theater floor mat, etc. 
  • Unique online content TBA, including small group discussions with filmmakers, subjects, T/F programmers, and other Teleporters.
  • NB: International guest will pay a surcharge for shipping, and international shipping may not be possible depending on location.