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Stephen Marshall


From his first forays into guerrilla journalism with Channel Zero in Canada, through the founding GNN (the Guerrilla News Network), Stephen Marshall has defined the cutting edge of grassroots media. Working with minimal resources and equipment, his videos have forged new ground, mixing investigative reporting with a stylistic palette more aligned with MTV than CNN. Not surprisingly, he has been tapped to direct videos for artists like Eminem, 50 Cent and the Beastie Boys. But in each case Marshall brings his outspoken political convictions and spot-on aesthetic sensibility to bear on the collaboration. Having finished both his first feature-length documentary (BattleGround) and narrative feature (This Revolution) in 2004, Marshall stands poised to bring his message to an even larger group of people. True/False salutes the passionate and incendiary work of Stephen Marshall by honoring him with the 2005 True Vision Award. (DW)