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Kirby Dick


Kirby Dick’s film career has involved pushing at the fringes of culture and finding new points of engagement for taboo subjects like sex and death. What’s remarkable, though, is the frankness and clarity he brings to his work. Whether it is the pure grace of Bob Flanagan’s passing or the not-so-innocent teenage sexuality in Chain Camera, Kirby is a sympathetic storyteller with a knack for finding innovative and honest approaches to subjects that could have been merely sensationalistic. Coupled with this righteous sensitivity is a rare gift for pacing and storytelling. Linking all of these tales of love and sex and memory and censorship is an innate narrative rhythm that finds mystery, drama and climax in even the most mundane moments. These skills might be more typical in a director who routinely worked with fiction, but that Kirby finds ways to imbue real life with all the comedy and tragedy of classic theater is what makes his films so timeless. True/False is proud to honor Kirby Dick as the third recipient of our True Vision Award.