True/False brings the city to life in a way nothing else does.


The True/False volunteer army is a mighty force of chaotic good. Every year, we’re overwhelmed by the outpouring of community devotion and we want to give a hearty thanks to this tireless crew. This year, we’re highlighting volunteers from each department so they can tell us a little about themselves and why they started volunteering for T/F. Want to get involved? Head to to apply for True/False 2018.



Meet Lauren Miers. She’s a local communications strategist, freelance writer and doughnut connoisseur. She moved to Columbia in 2012 and hasn’t missed a year of T/F since. We’re lucky to have her.

“Lauren is one of our rocks.  She always shows up and knows how to do everything. And is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.” – Christina Kelley, T/F Merch Director



TF: What department do you volunteer for?

LM: One year I did Theater Operations, but for the past two years, I’ve worked with the Merch team.


TF: How many years have you volunteered for True/False?

LM: 3 years!


TF: How did you get involved in volunteering?

LM: I got involved with volunteering by being involved and in-touch with what’s happening in Columbia. As a journalism student working for the student magazine, I was constantly in tune with what was going on in town. When I heard about T/F, I thought volunteering would be a good way to experience the fest. In fact, volunteering for T/F helped me get connected to volunteering at Roots N Blues and Boone Dawdle!



TF: What’s your favorite part about volunteering for T/F?

The best part of volunteering for T/F is all the way I get to experience a transformed Columbia. T/F brings the city to life in a way nothing else does. Everyone is buzzing about films and events; Everyone has something in common for the weekend. It breaks down barriers, so I get to interact with lots of awesome people! Then I get to see some of those people around town during the year. It helps me feel like I’m really a part of the Columbia community!


TF: Tell us one prominent memory or great story that happened while volunteering?

LM: It’s always cool when a director comes up to buy merch!



TF: What would you tell people who never been to or volunteered for True/False?

LM: Volunteering is an awesome way to get connected with Columbia, see one of the nation’s best film fests and see a ton of great films!


TF: What’s been the most rewarding part of your experience volunteering?

LM: Broadly speaking, exposure to culture that isn’t my own – through films, meeting new people, etc.