Columbia, Missouri – The 2018 selection for the True/False True Life Fund film is Primas from filmmaker Laura Bari. The True Life Fund will benefit the film’s two valiant subjects: Rocío Álvarez and Aldana Bari Gonzalez. True/False’s yearly crowd-sourced initiative serves as a tangible way of thanking documentary subjects. It acknowledges that documentary filmmakers and festivals thrive because of the stories given to us by people who are often of limited means.



Primas is an evocative portrait of two Argentinian cousins who free themselves from the shadows of violent pasts. The teenagers travel to Montreal with the guidance of their aunt and the film’s director, Laura Bari.  While there, they participate in transformative creative arts therapy. With dance, mime, theatre, circus and visual arts, they reveal their imagination and unshakable resilience.

Primas is Laura Bari’s second film to screen at True/False. Bari attended True/False 2010 with the playful Antoine about a five-year-old blind boy who dabbles in detective work. Bari’s warm, collaborative approach to filmmaking shines in Primas. At its core, the film is a tender confessional expressed with spell-binding courage.


This marks the 12th year of the True Life Fund, and the 11th year that the film has been presented by The Crossing, a local church in Columbia.  The True Life Fund itself is comprised of thousands of individual gifts and support from the Bertha Foundation. In 2018, True/False aims to raise more than $20,000 for Rocío and Aldana to support their future artistic and collegiate endeavors. In the spirit of bringing audience support to story sharing, True/False is also seeking donations of airline miles to help subsidize their flight expenses.


For more information about giving, visit During the Fest, donations will be received via text at (573) 818-2151 and through donations at True/False screenings.