Sustainability Report 2018 - True/False Film Fest Sustainability Report 2018 - True/False Film Fest

March 8, 2018

Sustainability Report 2018

True/False believes in our responsibility to future generations to do what is environmentally and socially just for our local and global community. Our mid-Missouri home is a beautiful place, and we’re adopting practices that keep our shared space a sublime place to discover beauty and art.  We have a Green Team, supported by Hy-Vee and led by sustainability coordinator Patricia Hayles-Weisenfelder, that worked all weekend to help us be as eco-friendly as possible. The reports are in and we’re proud to say we exceeded last year’s diversion numbers.

  • We collected 2,580.91 lbs of food waste (that’s over 1.25 tons! It’s also 378.31 lbs MORE than last year, but it’s also 50.5 lbs LESS food wasted from events!)
  • We collected 1,777.99 lbs of recyclables (1040.95 lbs from events and 737.04 lbs reported from non-event volunteers!).
  • We diverted 87.94% of event waste from the landfill (that’s 2.5% MORE than last year!) Also note that 90% is considered “Zero-Waste”
    • 92.11% at Jubilee (84.2% last year)
    • 77.08% at Reality Bites (82.46% last year)
    • 91.35% at Fete (91.57& last year)
    • 91.22% at Closing Reception (83.58% last year) *thanks to Addison’s compostable serveware.
  • We reduced our overall (trash+recycle+food) event waste by 157.17 lbs.  (1845.9 in 2017 & 1688.73 in 2018).
  • We reduced our event landfill contribution (trash) by 78.52 lbs (291.3 in 2017 & 212.78 in 2018).


For more about this year’s sustainability efforts head here.