True/False musicians are such an important part of the festival experience that some have called T/F a music fest disguised as a film fest. Performers play busker-style before each film screening as audiences file into their seats, dazzle music lovers at evening showcases, entertain on balconies at parties, march in the parade, perform on the street and DJs echo into the dawn at late-night dance parties.

True/False 2019 musicians and showcases will be announced in February, 2019. Stay tuned.

Busker submissions and information about performing at True/False 2019 can be found here.


True/False Music brings monthly off-season showcases to downtown venues in Columbia all year long. See the latest, and explore past shows:


Doors at 8PM / Show at 9PM / $8 in Advance / $10 Day of Sale
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For descriptions of last year’s concerts, including featured acts, locations, and dates, click here


We feature live music at every screening, and have concerts every night of the Fest. Get to know our 2017 musicians below. To see all these musicians in action, buy a Busker Band here.

13 Strings and a Two Dollar Bill

From the streets of Asheville, Wyatt & Nora’s ebullient performances holler hard with banjo & mandolin set to some good, old-fashioned clog-dancing rhythms.


Flowing downriver from St. Louis with his beats, 18aC (Stan Chisholm) Djs the room into oblivion.

18andCounting & TheOnlyEnsemble

St. Louis-based 18andCounting collages everything he touches into a creative existence. He sculpts his words into deep, resonant rhymes reflecting the world at large and the universe within while TheOnlyEnsemble combines rich strings & live beats to uphold his bold visions.

Alex Rose

The songs of Austin-based Alex Rose are the alluvium left on the edges of a stream; soil made of tiny specks of harmony, melody and churning lyrical turns.

Anni Rossi

Plucking a viola and kicking a drum, Anni Rossi returns with a singular sound that blends classical training and a lyrical search for self.

Arc Flash

A fumarole of sound hissing out electric pop/indie rock/emocore bursts of heat and spark.

Bella Donna

This taut, ethereal quintet distills “Ozark jazz” from the misty mountain valleys of southwestern Missouri.

The Big Sky

From the Northeast of Kansas, Big Sky are a sweetly rugged duo whose melodies fall softly on the plains, swept up in a tornado of harmonic intimacy and communal happiness.

Chris Christy

This precise dobro blues-folk hero haunts New Orleans’ cobblestone streets with a smoky sound that rises into the ether.

Cousin Cole

Cushioned by a tenacious musicality, Cousin Cole’s beats find a sonic equilibrium balanced by perfectly textured, tonal grooves.

DeQn Sue

With a pop of sugar and a knowing twinkle in her eye, DeQn Sue’s voice rings out over audiences like a churchbell, preaching the gospel of love & happiness.

DIRTY DISCO: Antoine Spice

From Las Vegas to CoMO, Spice is adding his own kind of booming flavor to our tiny sonic town.


The father of Columbia’s alternative dance party, Bwaha is the real deal.

DIRTY DISCO: Seoul Train

Programmer by day, a DJ by night: Seoul Train is the Batman of the dancefloor.

DJ Agile One

Expressive beats beaming with positive vibes, DJAgile One brings vintage hip-hop & deep grooves to the party.

Dubb Nubb

Perched on the edge of the bed as soft sunlight pours in, one turns to find the effusive hugs of Dubb Nubb beside them.

Gora Gora Orkestar

One part funk, one part honk, Gora Gora blare all the way from Boulder. From Balkan to Barrio this ten-piece brass band excite and unite the sonic globe.

Hott Lunch

New wave, classic rock with some psychedelic showing, Hott Lunch is Columbia’s art rock daily special served with a side of pie & grunge.

Jack Grelle

Recently heralded by Rolling Stone as one of the top 10 country artists you need to know, Jack’s sound blooms like a desert cactus with unexpected lyricism and heartfelt twang.

Jesse and Forever

These conceptual classicists use their unstable sounds of sax, drums and keys to make a unique opus of avant-indie jazz.


Local looper Jschlock methodically layers his palimpsests of noise, oozing into the soundscapes of space and time.

The Kay Brothers

From the barn-stomping Ozark folk tradition, The Kay Brothers play upright bass, guitar, banjo, fiddle, washboard, and harmonica for their high-powered hoedowns.

The Lacewings

The emollient songs of Molly Healey & Liz Carney soothe the burns that heartache leaves behind.

Lone Piñon

A tight trio out of Santa Fe, Lone Piñon's music taps into Southwestern musical roots reaching into South Texas conjunto country and Mexico's diverse fiddle traditions.

Mary Lattimore

The somnambulant harp of Mary Lattimore is truly her own creation. Each strum, pluck and tweak of a knob reverberates with electric desire and memory.

Max and the Martians

Rockabilly meets hoedown meets indie pop, Max and the Martians are making contact with us from their New Orleans launch pad.

Maxito Lindo

Bare, lo-fi indie rock with a timbre of a shaking leaf falling into a stiff glass of warm whiskey & tea.

Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers

Move down the line with this square/contra-dancing troupe of gamboling locals! Step in time with the MMTD as they move to the country styles of our buskers at Jesse Halls newest event: Buskers Last Waltz. A spirited workout – with beer!


Mirah’s artful songwriting lays booming compositions against a soft, line-dried sheet of vocal perfection. From K Records to her own imprint, Absolute Magnitude, Mirah continues to be an indie icon of wonder.

Missouri Symphony Society Conservatory

The Missouri Symphony Conservatory is an educational program helping young musicians hone their classical skills in conjunction with the Missouri Symphony Society. Their Chamber Players will be performing as will the Emerald Quartet the latter accompanying NY based artist Mirah.


Late into the evening Friday night, after the glow of the movies wane, MNDR will DJ the Blue Note down with her electronic rhythms and bass-dropping beats.


With lucent, electronic R&B, this quickly rising star is building his empire out of striking music videos, sonorous vocals and a captivating stage presence.

Nevada Greene

An aura of vibrating levity emitting tonal messages & pulsing electricity from the clouds of Columbia Missouri.


The Chicago-based Ohmme is an incandescent duo of voice & strings whose power evokes P.J. Harvey and other fierce forebears.

Open Mike Eagle

This Renaissance man’s informed hip hop, or as he likes to call it “Art Rap,”  exudes passion, creativity and intelligence.

Paul Weber and The Scrappers

These heartland rockers have a hankering for honky-tonk that trembles with country soul.


The mbira is an African thumb piano made of metal tines that reverberate effortlessly across a wooden board. Prahlad will convene a troupe of players this year, communing with buzzing harmonics and nonstandard tunings.

The Reliquaries

With strings and guitar, The Reliquaries are a collection of sounds brimming with a fervent, sweetly humming truth.

The Riverside Wanderers

A large-hearted folk duo from St. Louis is the shade that keeps the sun from burning too brightly.

Ruth Acuff

The phantasmic songs of Ruth Acuff’s harp, upright bass and percussion mix breathe in and sigh out with a waking elegance.

Samuel James

Though not one to wear a crown, Samuel James is the unofficial King of the Buskers. His incisive blues and storytelling are the pure essence of songwriting.

Thanya Iyer

Thanya Iyer’s experimental movements radiate an effervescence of starry, jazz filled nights, clubs of electronic intensity, and church-like hymns.

T.J. Muller

A sepia-toned panoply of Jazz Age spirit, St. Louis’ finest swing-jazz bootlegs deco and dixieland.

Travis McFarlane

The phantom of the opera, Travis Macfarlane, will once again descend upon the keys of the Missouri Theater’s impressive, expressive pipe organ.

Tree House

New to the local scene, Treehouse are a solid oak of classic indie rock.

US Girls

Ineffable electronic darling US Girls croons over her extreme beats like a pained Sinatra fighting the psychedelic world while her DJ sets add a funk and soul to any room.

Very Be Careful

Folk music from the streets of Colombia via Los Angeles California, VBC bursts traditional vallenato/cumbia with an accordian backbone, a percussive heart and the musk of heated dancefloors.

Vox Nova

Vox Nova is a chorale chamber group from Columbia whose evocative singing soars above us mortals.