Flowing downriver from St. Louis with his beats, 18andCounting (Stan Chisholm) DJs the room into oblivion.

18andCounting and TheOnlyEnsemble

St. Louis-based 18andCounting collages everything he touches into a creative existence. He sculpts his words into deep, resonant rhymes reflecting the world at large and the universe within while TheOnlyEnsemble combines rich strings & live beats to uphold his bold visions.

Ada Lea

By way of Montreal, Ada Lea plays driving '90s garage rock with a dark, haunting folk slant.

The Adaptation

Young freak folk group from Columbia construct raw, lo-fi punk pop gems reminiscent of sounds heard booming out of garages in the '90s.

The Big Sky

From the Northeast of Kansas, Big Sky are a sweetly rugged duo whose melodies fall softly on the plains, swept up in a tornado of harmonic intimacy.

The Burney Sisters

These Columbia natives, just 12 and 9 years old, steal hearts with their big bold harmonies, ukulele and acoustic strumming.


With his contributions to ‘90s G-Funk, and artists such as Snoop Dogg and Mac 10, plus his revelatory Stones Throw releases, DJ/vocalist/producer Damon “Dâm-Funk” Riddick is funk’s modern-day apostle.

DJ Agile1

Expressive beats beaming with positive vibes, DJ Agile One brings vintage hip-hop & deep grooves to the party.

DJ Scales

The room quakes when this Wunderkind DJ Scales blitzes the dance floor with his distinctive blend of future bounce.

DJ vThom

The St. Louis master of the lost art of turntablism spins and scratches tracks from the old-school and the new.

Esmé Patterson

Powered by electric guitar and an electric voice, this former member of Colorado indie-folk group Paper Bird, blows past contradictions with a defiant confidence.

The Flood Brothers

A stomp-fest of blues-rock mayhem with screaming slide guitar and driving drums, these Missouri boys bring the boogie.

Flux Bikes

Spoke, rim and tire – all instruments of a different timbre if you happen to be the extraordinary bike-wheel percussionist Rob Frye. By looping strike patterns and manipulating resonance, this Chicago-based artist achieves magic from the seemingly mundane.


A one-man band from Brooklyn, Gibbz builds clean electro-pop jams on a foundation of R&B, funk, and soul that forces smiles on faces and feet on dance floors.

It's Me: Ross

Rock'n'roll music that belongs to no era, as much Thin Lizzy as Mac Demarco, Columbia's best young band always exceeds expectations.

Karen Meat

This Des Moines pop-rock band yearns harder than a heart-torn teenager and pulses with youthful rebellion. Crooning melodies, bright guitar solos, and 60s-girl-pop sensibilities make for a delightful, defiant wonder.

The Kay Brothers

From the barn-stomping Ozark folk tradition, The Kay Brothers play upright bass, guitar, banjo, fiddle, washboard, and harmonica for their high-powered hoedowns.

Lavender Graves

Conducting a symphony of grime, Lavender Graves injects gritty hip hop with whirlwind breakbeats and thunderous basslines.


Fresh off the release of Thx, one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2017, these Austin-based indie rockers are led by powerful singer-songwriter Hannah Read.

Mahmoud Chouki

A master guitarist and multi-instrumentalist paints lush portraits of the bustling harbors and the scurry of the markets of Morocco, where East and West converge.

Mary Lattimore

The somnambulant harp of Mary Lattimore is truly her own creation. Each strum, pluck, and tweak of a knob reverberates with electric desire and memory.


This Halifax four-piece baroque pop band boasts a powerful, spacious rhythm section, cradled by dreamy harmonies.

Max and the Martians

Rockabilly meets hoedown meets indie pop, these street urchins are again making contact with us from their New Orleans launch pad.

The Missouri Symphony Society Conservatory

These chamber musicians have emerged from an educational program in conjunction with the Missouri Symphony Society.


With lucent, electronic R&B, this quickly rising star is building his empire out of striking music videos, sonorous vocals, and a captivating stage presence.

Molly Healey

An adept looping artist, this Ozarkian seamlessly weaves violin, cello, and vocals, elevating bluegrass into a full-bodied and fiery sound.

Nevada Greene

An aura of vibrating levity emitting tonal messages & pulsing electricity from the clouds of Columbia Missouri.

New Creations Brass Band

Swinging with the casual intensity of New Orleans and playing both standards and modern favorites with equal prowess, this band is a roaming party.

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

A Chicago DIY scene multi-instrumentalist weirdo rapper mixing hip-hop and art-rock into a cocktail of complex rhythms and futuristic sonics.


Juxtaposing restrained vocals with bursts of avant-garde instrumentation, this Chicago duo coalesces experimental textures into a potent whole.


A St. Louis rapper who weaves her poetry expertly through producer Namesake’s warm sonic landscape with an easy, melodic delivery.

The River Arkansas

Taking its name from the Arkansas River that flows through their native Colorado, this group of talented musicians plays a heartfelt brand of Americana which draws from country, folk, and blues influences.

The Riverside Wanderers

You'll know there's still love and sweetness left in the world when this St. Louis-based duo sings and strums their country blues.

Ruth Acuff

The phantasmic songs of Acuff's harp, upright bass and percussion mix breathe in and sigh out with a waking elegance.

Samuel James

Though not one to wear a crown, Samuel James is the unofficial King of the Buskers. His incisive blues and storytelling are the pure essence of songwriting. See him also host Campfire Stories.


Led by vocalist Sifa Bihomora, the Columbia four-piece combines elements of R&B, soul, funk, and jazz to create a clean future-soul sound.

Sissy Paycheck

Power rock mixed with power pop and powered with big old hooks.

Skyway Man

True believers, acid cowboys and cowgirls find refuge in this messianic, latter-days songman who straddles psychedelic ravines and climbs gospel paths.


The heavenly harmonies of country folk duo Sterling/Pale propel the lyrics of their carefully arranged songs towards the ether.

Sun Speak

This Chicago-based experimental jazz duo blends ever-changing layers of sonic landscape that intertwine structure and improvisation.

Thanya Iyer

A Montreal-based project radiates starry, jazz-filled nights, clubs of electronic intensity, and church-like hymns.

Tim Pilcher & Monica Lord

Pilcher's guitar and Lord's cello create a vehicle designed for self-discovery.

T.J. Müller

A sepia-toned panoply of Jazz Age spirit, St. Louis' finest swing-jazz bootlegs deco and dixieland.


Tonina expertly navigates her way through shifting musical terrain powered by stirring vocals and the pulsing heartbeat of her standup bass.