Plus, there’s a rad party at the end.


The True/False volunteer army is a mighty force of chaotic good. Every year, we’re overwhelmed by the outpouring of community devotion and we want to give a hearty thanks to this tireless crew. This year, we’re highlighting volunteers from each department so they can tell us a little about themselves and why they started volunteering for T/F. Want to get involved? Head to to apply for True/False 2018.



Meet Marie; Marie Schaller is a Columbia native and University of Missouri graduate with a degree in International Business. She currently lives in Fargo, North Dakota and works at Concordia Language Villages, language immersion summer camps. The first T/F films she saw back in ’09 were Food Inc., No Impact ManBerma VJ, and Pressure Cooker. We’re lucky to have her.

“Marie’s calm, cool, collected attitude makes Missouri Theater run like a well-oiled machine. Her smile is contagious and her love of the fest is infectious. We love Marie and are so thankful for her dedication to the fest!” – Carly Love, T/F Manager of the Theater Operations


TF: What department do you volunteer for?

MS: I have volunteered for Theater Operations as Venue Captain and have also volunteered with Special Ops


A large crowd gathers inside and outside the Missouri Theatre on Sunday evening, 2015. (Photo by Rebecca Allen)


TF: How many years have you volunteered for True/False?

MS: I have volunteered for the fest the past 6 years


TF: How did you get involved in volunteering?

MS: When I attended high school I saw a few films that had a really big impact on me and I knew I wanted to get involved.


TF: What’s your favorite part about volunteering? 

MS: My favorite part of volunteering for T/F is getting to see films that are thought-provoking and then getting to discuss them with other volunteers and creating friendships with them. More recently, this has translated to getting to help facilitate that bond within my team of volunteers


The closing show crowd at the Missouri Theatre, 2015. (photo by Rebecca Allen)


TF: Tell us one prominent memory or great story that happened while volunteering?

MS: Not a specific memory, but I love how the feeling of Columbia changes during those 4 days. All the art, music, activity, and openness adds this magic and suddenly downtown is transformed and everything feels heightened. The volunteers implement that transformation.


TF: What would you tell people who never been to or volunteered for True/False?

MS: Volunteering is so fun! You get to feel like a part of the Columbia community and you can make new friends and see some of the films for free! Plus, there’s a rad party at the end.

DJs at the Volunteer Party, 2017 (Photo by Jonathan Asher)


TF: What’s been the most rewarding part of your experience volunteering?

MS: The most rewarding part of my volunteer experience is getting to watch young people experience True/False through volunteering or just watching the films and seeing their perspectives broaden.