It’s hard to explain how powerful it is.

The True/False volunteer army is a mighty force of chaotic good. Every year, we’re overwhelmed by the outpouring of community devotion and we want to give a hearty thanks tireless crew enough. This year, we’re highlighting volunteers from each department so they can tell us a little about themselves and why they started volunteering for T/F. We present to you, the first installment.



Meet Violet Kroll; she’s 19 years old and was born and raised in Columbia. She’s a photographer, a pen-and-ink artist, and an overall kick-ass creative. We’re lucky to have her.

Violet is an exemplary T/F volunteer – always willing to step up, do more, and add her creative voice, she works hard and goes the extra mile to make sure the projects she works on look amazing. – Camellia Cosgray, T/F Operations Director



TF: What department do you volunteer for?

VK: I have been on the art team since I started.


TF: How many years have you volunteered for True/False?

VK: I’m honestly not quite sure, before I was old enough to officially volunteer I was following my father [Jamie Kroll, a T/F core staffer] around doing odd jobs.


TF: How did you get involved in volunteering?

VK: My dad has been a part of the festival since it started and I started with him.


TF: What’s your favorite part about volunteering for T/F?

VK: I love being around so many amazing and creative souls. Meeting all the wonderful people that are artists and directors for the fest and especially the people who are in core and the people I volunteer with.


Photo by Stephen Bybee.


TF: Tell us one prominent memory or great story that happened while volunteering?

VK: I remember meeting a director for a very powerful movie about women’s sexuality from last year, it was amazing. She was very wise and happily answered all of my questions. [That director was Mette Carla Albrechtsen who made the film Venuswhich we highly recommend]. 


TF: What would you tell people who never been to or volunteered for True/False?

VK: Prepare to never find parking! I’m kidding but the fest is an incredible experience for anyone. The art alone is awe-some and all the films will change you in a mental way that’s very powerful, something you can’t get from most things.


TF: What’s been the most rewarding part of your experience volunteering?

VK: Being a part of the community is just so uplifting and wonderful. It’s hard to explain how powerful it is.


Photo by Stephen Bybee