Upon purchase of a Gateway Packet, you’ll be able to reserve one ticket to three films or three tickets to one film (or a combo of those two options). Please note that if you purchase more than one packet at a time, the system requires all packet selections to be the same. If you would like packets with different combinations of tickets, you may do so by making separate purchases. 

Gateway Packets go on sale online February 25 and will be available until February 28 at 6PM. 

The 2020 Gateway films you’ll be able to choose from will be updated here Feb 24, 2020. 

2019 FILMS


Dir. Guillaume Brac; 2018; 97 min
Brimming with thrill-seeking discovery and nostalgia, this barmy delight captures all of the summer fun at a suburban Parisian water park.

Thu, Feb 28 / 7PM / The Picturehouse

Dir. Jeffrey Peixoto; 2019; 71 min
Director Jeffrey Peixoto meets active members of the Church of Scientology in a mesmerizing exploration of our attraction to radical religion.

Thu, Feb 28 / 7PM / Rhynsburger Theatre

Dir. Miko Revereza; 2019; 70 min
The American road movie is renewed by a director whose undocumented mom carries two phones, one solely for calls regarding immigration.
Thu, Feb 28 / 7:15PM / Forrest Theater
Dir. Todd Douglas Miller; 2019; 93 min
Our miraculous first trip to the moon is conjured through 70mm footage finally uncovered from the NASA vaults. Presented by Veterans United Home Loans

Thu, Feb 28 / 7:30PM / Jesse Auditorium

Dir. Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky; 2019; 71 min
An intrepid film crew takes us inside an intense battle over a Confederate monument on UNC-Chapel Hill’s public commons.

Thu, Feb 28 / 7:30PM / Showtime Theater @ The Blue Note 

Dir. Ben Berman; 2019; 91 min
A magician’s final tour triggers a twisty-turny, cat-and-mouse, hall-of-mirrors, inside-out, funhouse game between subject and filmmaker.

Thu, Feb 28 / 10PM / Missouri Theatre


Dir. ZHANG Yang; 2018; 126 min
The charismatic painter Shen Jianhua’s remote mountain studio hosts a group of unconventional students, eager to learn more about his eye-popping, hyperreal approach to art and life.
Fri, Mar 1 / 11AM / Missouri Theatre
Dir. Hassan Fazili; 2019; 87 min
Armed only with cellphone cameras, Hassan Fazili and his family flee from the Taliban, capturing every step of their high-stakes search for a new home.

Fri, Mar 1 / 11:30AM / Jesse Auditorium

Dir. Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert; 2019; 115 min

Dizzying, hilarious, and devastating, American Factory is a landmark story of globalization. 

Fri, Mar 1 / 2:30PM / Jesse Auditorium

Dir. Nathan Fielder; 2017; 84 min
Television host Nathan Fielder attempts to help an eccentric Bill Gates impersonator reunite with his long-lost love.

Fri, Mar 1 / 10PM / Missouri Theatre / Q&A + Extras

Dir. Rachel Lears; 2019; 85 min
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez headlines a group of insurgent politicians and tireless activists taking on The Establishment.
Fri, Mar 1 / 10PM / Jesse Auditorium


Dir. Anand Patwardhan; 2018; 235 min
Legendary director Anand Patwardhan puts his life on the line in this tenacious, incisive response to the rise of Hindu nationalism.
Sat, Mar 2 / 9:30AM / Rhynsburger Theatre / There will be a 15 minute intermission and at the end, an extended Q&A across the hall in the Bingham Gallery
Dir. Gabrielle Brady; 2018; 98 min

On far-off Christmas Island, therapist Poh Lin Lee counsels immigrants who are detained while millions of red crabs enjoy free rein during mating season.

Sat, Mar 2 / 9:30AM / Jesse Auditorium

Dir. Petra Costa; 2019; 120 min
Petra Costa’s personal take on the coup that remade Brazil ignites a signal flare for those who live in so-called stable democracies. Presented by The Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy

Sat, Mar 2 / 3:45PM / Jesse Auditorium

Dir. Nanfu Wang & Jialing Zhang; 2019; 89 min

Nanfu Wang uncovers her own revelatory history within China’s far-reaching one-child policy.

Sat, Mar 2 / 7PM / Jesse Auditorium

Dir. Mads Brügger; 2019; 123 min
This engrossing gonzo film starts as a hell-bent investigation of the death of the U.N. secretary-general in 1961 then takes on long-lingering mysteries on the African continent.

Sat, Mar 2 / 9:45PM / Jesse Auditorium



Dir. Melissa Haizlip & Sam Pollard; 2018; 115 min
An electric exploration of “SOUL!”—the revolutionary unsung classic of American television that spotlighted soul legends and shattered conventions.
Sun, Mar 3 / 9:45AM / Jesse Auditorium 


Dir. Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky; 2019; 71 min
An intrepid film crew takes us inside an intense battle over a Confederate monument on UNC-Chapel Hill’s public commons.

Sun, Mar 3 / 4PM / Jesse Auditorium