The Territory - True/False Film Fest

The Territory

The Uru-eu-wau-wau Indigenous Surveillance Team defends its land against a network of Brazilian farmers intent on colonizing its protected territory.
Director: Alex Pritz
Runtime: 85 min
In-person: Alex Pritz
Fest Year: 2022
In the Amazon rainforest, the Indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people are fighting back to protect their ancestral land from encroaching mining, devastating deforestation, and land-grabbing invasions. With a rapidly diminishing population and attacks coming from all sides, members of the younger generation arm themselves with video cameras and drones to start documenting the destruction and broadcasting their story to the wider world. We follow charismatic leaders Bitaté and Ari as they work alongside environmental activist Neidinha to raise awareness to their struggle and refuse to be silenced. Made collaboratively with the community, The Territory plays out like a thriller with high stakes on a global scale. With unprecedented access to both sides of the divide, filmmaker Alex Pritz charts this urgent story of modern colonization.