The Last Days of Winter

The Last Days of Winter

Director(s): Mehrdad Oskouei

Fest Year: 2016

Series: True Vision Repertory

Runtime: 0:52

In Person: dir. Mehrdad Oskouei

This empathetic precursor to Starless Dreams features seven Iranian juvenile inmates who spill their secrets and their passions to True Vision award winner Mehrdad Oskouei. Housed in a special wing for those younger than 15 years of age, their crimes range from pickpocketing to motorcycle theft. Some have been drug addicts since childhood. They enjoy a deep and caring camaraderie with one another — except for the occasional fist fight. When Oskouei shows up curious to hear their stories, they readily accept him as one of their own and confide about love, God, their deepest fears and their wildest dreams. And then unexpectedly, a brief trip hints at an elusive freedom. (PC)

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