The Killing of America (N/N)

The Killing of America (N/N)

Director(s): Sheldon Renan

Fest Year: 2016

Series: Neither/Nor

Runtime: 1:30

In Person: dir. Sheldon Renan

Warning: Contains extremely graphic contentThe Killing of America begins with a channel-surf atrocity exhibition and a tour of Los Angeles by night which encompasses helicopter views and crime scenes. Voiceover stalwart Chuck Riley, reading the narration in an impassive, clipped style, introduces the basic premise: “America is the only industrialized nation with the high murder rate of countries at civil war.” The culprit? “Guns, and more guns.” From a slo-mo replay of the then still-recent non-fatal shooting of Ronald Reagan, we move along to a reproduction of the events leading up to perhaps the most-viewed home movie in history, the Zapruder film. This, we’re informed, was “the day the American dream of freedom was wedded to the American nightmare of murder.” In its call for stricter gun laws the film is nothing if not coherent, and prescient. (NP) Screens for free as a part of the Neither/Nor Film Series. Neither/Nor is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

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