The Graduation

The Graduation

Director(s): Claire Simon

Fest Year: 2017


Runtime: 2:00

In Person: dir. Claire Simon

La Fémis is France’s most prestigious film school. Currently presided over by Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro), it is the alma mater of many luminaries, including Alain Resnais and Claire Denis. Our True Vision recipient, Claire Simon, resigned from her instructor position in order to create The Graduation, a doggedly observed study of the rigorous yet inevitably subjective mechanisms through which the school selects its class of 40 students. She gains unguarded access to heated behind-the-scenes debates and captures them with characteristically nimble camerawork. Intense, fascinating and often hilarious, her eye-opening film transcends its specific milieu to explore much bigger questions about how we perceive strangers as well as generational and cultural divides.(CB) Presented by Restoration Eye Care

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