Starless Dreams

Starless Dreams

Director(s): Mehrdad Oskouei

Fest Year: 2016


Runtime: 1:16

In Person: dir. Mehrdad Oskouei

In this emotionally charged masterpiece, Iranian director and True Vision honoree Mehrdad Oskouei works his singular magic once again. Here he embeds himself at a detention center in the city of Tehran with a community of young women under the age of eighteen. All of them are serving time for profoundly serious crimes — including drug trafficking, stealing and manslaughter. In vividly raw encounters, they relate their lives outside the prison walls. Even though they are fed up with being incarcerated, most feel conflicted about leaving the relative safety of their confinement where they have found community, and stepping back out into society, into rough circumstances. But the approach of the New Year celebration day sparks dreams of reunions with what they have left behind. (PC)

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