Sabaya - True/False Film Fest


In this real-world action film, a team of activists works to rescue Yazidi women and girls held captive in Daesh-controlled refugee camps.
Director: Hogir Hirori
Runtime: 93 min
Fest Year: 2021
The al-Hol refugee camp in northeast Syria has fallen under the control of Daesh (aka ISIS). There, hidden from the world, women and girls from the Yazidi ethnic minority of northern Iraq are kept as slaves. But a small group of activists, led by the mild-mannered Mahmud and his friend Ziyad, are working to change that. Their heroism, alongside that of the young women who voluntarily reenter the camp to help those still trapped there, forms the heart of this incredible film. The action is immediate and riveting, whether we are looking through a camera hidden inside a chador or riding along in a high-speed van chase as bullets whiz by the windows. This is a film that shouldn’t exist in the world, that should be too difficult and dangerous to make. But thanks to Hirori and his subjects, we are granted a window into their precarious world. What we do afterward is up to us.