Private Violence - True/False Film Fest

Private Violence

Opening with one of the the great nonfiction scenes ever, Private Violence immediately announces itself as far more than an issue-driven documentary. This is storytelling of the highest order and a rare window into the lives of advocates for battered and abused women. We meet Kit, a take-charge hero with a touch of Erin Brockovich. And Deanna, whose bravery in the face of horrific adversity forms the core of this affecting film. Director Cynthia Hill guides us through the issues, artfully arranging answers to questions just as we think of them. And the biggest question, “Why didn’t she leave?” becomes almost a second title for this film, one that gets answered repeatedly, with dispassionate facts, brutal emotion and everything in between. We all say that we oppose domestic violence, but there is still a battle to be fought– a battle against apathy. Private Violenceis a searing, devastating call-to-action and awareness.(DW) Sponsored by the Crossing.
Director: Cynthia Hill
Runtime: 1:21
In-person: director Cynthia Hill and subjects Kit Gruelle & Deanna Walters
Fest Year: 2014
2014 True Life Fund recipient. This astonishing, powerful doc pulls back the curtain on domestic violence with gripping narratives guaranteed to challenge our apathy.