Primas - True/False Film Fest


Two cousins, Rocio and Aldana, courageously transcend trauma through creative therapy in this True Life Fund selection. Presented by The Crossing
Director: Laura Bari
Runtime: 100
In-person: director Laura Bari and stars Rocio Ãlvarez and Aldana Bari Gonzalez
Fest Year: 2018
With help from their aunt, two cousins embark upon a program of theater and dance to process a complex outpouring of emotions, some typical to teenagers, others arising from extraordinarily traumatic experiences. Rocio and Aldana’s open, indomitable spirit animates this film by Laura Bari (Antoine, T/F 2010); the two demonstrate their unusual knack for sharing stories in a grounded, approachable way. Primas explores the genealogy of wrath, the stubborn half-lives of harrowing events, and the challenges of forward progression. The result is a humanistic, soulful gem in which even the deepest sadness and sexual violence can be addressed through familial love, creativity, and, most of all, courage. (PS) PRESENTED BY THE CROSSING Representatives from True North, who counsel survivors of domestic and sexual violence, will be at all screenings to support audience members as needed.