Peter and the Farm

Peter and the Farm

Director(s): Tony Stone

Fest Year: 2016


Runtime: 1:32

In Person: dir. Tony Stone & producer Melissa Auf der Maur

Peter Dunning is a wrecked man, but he’s not looking for your pity. An almost Biblical character, this Vermont-based “back-to-the-lander” is a foul-mouthed, spellbinding raconteur whose Mile Hill Farm is both a private paradise and a personal hell of his own making. Together, he and director Tony Stone create a modern-day rural tragedy, tracing Mile Hill’s gradual downfall. Finding themselves functioning as farmhands, counselors, supporters and enablers, the filmmakers punctuate Peter’s tales with evocative, marvelously photographed images of farm life. The unfolding of this nuanced story mixes naked honesty and mythmaking as Peter performs and re-performs his life for the camera. (PC)

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