‘Now something is slowly changing’

‘Now something is slowly changing’

Director(s): mint film office

Fest Year: 2019


Runtime: 1:45

In Person: mint film office

The provocative ‘Now something’ pierces the heart of the Western world’s therapy culture, asking whether we are transcendence-seekers or just prey to modern-day snake-oil salesmen. Its questions ricochet from ASMR “tingleheads” making hushed videos to Biodanza studios where dancers attempt to reach liftoff. At one seminar, we learn that in the Netherlands, 10 churches close down every week because of a decline in the devout. What is it that chases so many to seek self-improvement? Can we find a new perspective through intervention? This sly, sardonic film leaves open the possibility that great wisdom can be mined from coaches preaching a left-field approach to one’s issues. Or perhaps it suggests that obsessive self-help offers a pale replacement for religious traditions. Clearly, today’s hollow men are “still looking for a sense of purpose” and will go to great lengths for redemption, grace, or maybe just temporary relief. (PS)

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