N/N: Who Needs a Heart

N/N: Who Needs a Heart

Director(s): John Akomfrah

Fest Year: 2018

Series: Neither/Nor

Runtime: 1:18

In Person: Critic-in-residence Ashley Clark and Gaylene Gould

Perhaps the Black Audio Film Collective’s bleakest and most challenging effort, Who Needs a Heart is ostensibly based on the real-life figure of Michael X (aka Michael DeFreitas), the Trinidad and Tobago-born, London-based self-styled revolutionary and civil rights activist of the 1960s and ’70s who, in 1975, four years after fleeing back to Trinidad from London, was hanged after being found guilty in a murder trial. Yet this elusive and controversial character effectively functions as the film’s structuring absence, visible only in sparingly deployed archive footage and photography. Instead, the film offers a chronologically oblique fictional portrait of a multiracial London-based group of his acolytes, who serially fight, party and drink in lieu of expressing or acting on coherent political opinions. (AC)Screens for free as a part of the Neither/Nor Film Series. Neither/Nor is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

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