N/N David Holzman’s Diary

N/N David Holzman’s Diary

Director(s): Jim McBride

Fest Year: 2013

Series: Neither/Nor

Runtime: 1:14

In Person: director Jim McBride

David Holzman’s Diary comes on as a first person, documentary-style, chronological diary of David, a young man recently unemployed and potentially going off to war. David rambles for the camera about his ambitions and ideas, shoots his home and surroundings, and generally tries to give a wholistic sense of his life (including his TV watching and masturbation habits). The footage is so raw that it seems to be edited in camera, with David visibly switching the machine on and off, and including interstitial sequences of placement, light flares, and distorted sound. Yet it’s all a fiction. Released in 1967, director Jim McBride’s movie anticipates (and pre-satirizes) the next half-century of first-person cinema—of video cam monologues, of YouTube exhibitionism, of faux confessionals, of media’s psychic irresolution. Sponsored by NEA Artworks (EH)

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