Mondo Cane (N/N)

Mondo Cane (N/N)

Director(s): Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi & Paolo Cavara

Fest Year: 2016

Series: Neither/Nor

Runtime: 1:48

In Person:

Warning: Contains graphic contentReleased in 1962, Mondo Cane is a leering transcontinental tour, stitching together material shot around the globe: Knee-walking drunks in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Strasse; a high-end restaurant in New York City where the hoi polloi gather to dine on insects; the tragic effects of atomic radiation on the wildlife of the Bikini Atoll; and the effects of the bikini on sailors on shore leave. Frequently the film takes bounding leaps from one side of the planet to the other, prompted by associative connections between the civilized and the primitive world. Rather than chastening the savage with the example of superior civilization, the cheek-and-jowl positioning of images from the industrialized and undeveloped world serves to show the continuing importance of rites and rituals in both.The purpose of this, it should be said, is not necessarily to elevate the lowly savage, but to place the civilized on the same level—that of a vast kennel, a dog’s world. (NP) Screens for free at 8:30pm Wednesday, March 2 as a part of the Neither/Nor Film Series. Preceded by 8pm reception. Neither/Nor is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

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