Director(s): Claire Simon

Fest Year: 2017

Series: True Vision Repertory

Runtime: 1:45

In Person: dir. Claire Simon

True Vision recipient Claire Simon films her friend Mimi Chiola with a comfortable camaraderie as the pair stroll through the streets of Mimi’s hometown of Nice and the mountain village of Saorge. Encounters with strangers and friends offer surprising discussions of trains, a rap performance, and casual serenades. These chance meetings frame Mimi’s recollections of her childhood, full of serendipitous and strange occurrences, and her enchanting life. Holding fast to an ease that mimics the rhythms of daily life, Simon resists any urge to simplify Mimi’s life into a linear narrative, allowing her on-screen persona to manifest into something beguiling in her charisma and striking in complexity. This masterpiece is bighearted, star-making portraiture of the highest order. (AS)

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