Midnight Traveler - True/False Film Fest

Midnight Traveler

Armed only with cellphone cameras, Hassan Fazili and his family flee from the Taliban, capturing every step of their high-stakes search for a new home. Presented by The Crossing
Director: Hassan Fazili
Runtime: 1:27
In-person: Producer/editor Emelie Mahdavian
Fest Year: 2019
Forced to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban called for his death, filmmaker Hassan Fazili recounts his shame: He’s no longer able to provide for his family and feels responsible for their harrowing journey. This confession is one of many indelibly personal moments in Fazili’s film that, in addition to providing the most powerful first-person look at the global refugee crisis, showcases the manifold ways our world can grind down on a person’s humanity. Armed only with cellphone cameras, Fazili; his wife, Fatima; and their two young daughters, Nargis and Zahra, document their three-year-long search for asylum and unexpectedly upend many tenets of documentaries about refugees. The existence and completion of this intense, beautiful film speak as much to the necessity of the documentarian impulse as to the bravery of its filmmakers. (AS)Presented by The Crossing