Kinshasa Makambo - True/False Film Fest

Kinshasa Makambo

True Vision honoree Dieudo Hamadi follows courageous young revolutionaries seeking to wrest control of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Presented by Restoration Eyecare
Director: Dieudo Hamadi
Runtime: 1:15
In-person: director Dieudo Hamadi and producer Quentin Laurent
Fest Year: 2018
This tense, perceptive documentary from True Vision recipient Dieudo Hamadi unfolds in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where courageous young revolutionaries rally to rescue their beloved country from the autocratic grip of President Joseph Kabila. Hamadi trains his camera on three young men — Jean-Marie, Christian and Ben — as they put their bodies and psyches on the line to bring free elections. The activists, thrust into spirited meetings and intense street protests, navigate questions familiar to resistance movements worldwide: whether or not to lock arms with the leading opposition party, to what degree violence has a place in their protest, and whom to trust. Hamadi, a sharp-eyed cinematographer, breaks free of narrative convention, crafting a knotty, dynamic chronicle keenly attuned to the textures of their struggle. (CB)PRESENTED BY RESTORATION EYECARE