Delphine’s Prayers

Delphine’s Prayers

Director(s): Rosine Mbakam

Fest Year: 2021

Series: True Vision

Runtime: 90 min

In Person:

In a messy but bright bedroom, Delphine, a Cameroonian transplant in Belgium, shares her compelling and heart-wrenching story. Lighting a cigarette, Delphine recounts her life of hardships and moments of love. Beginning with the tragic death of her mother, she tells of the sexual exploitation she endured in Cameroon and her current, unfulfilled marital life in Belgium. True Vision Award recipient Mbakam grants her subject the space to reflect upon the trauma she’s survived. Oscillating between humorous and playful to staggeringly painful, the conversation maps the intersections of gender, race, class, and displacement. Mbakam is no distanced observer, but an equal participant, co-crafting a narrative. Through this palpable intimacy, we’re privileged to bear witness to the undimmable light of Delphine.