March 17, 2023


Columbia, Missouri—Following the high-spirited conclusion of its 20th annual True/False Film Fest, the Ragtag Film Society announces the departure of Co-Executive Director Barbie Banks. Alongside Arin Liberman, Banks has been Co-Executive Director, commonly referred to as “Co-Custodian”, since June of 2020. Banks departs RFS at the end of March to start a new role with the Career Center at the University of Missouri in early April.

Board President Carol Hurt says, “As one of the Co-Custodians, Barbie’s leadership has been instrumental to the continued success of the cinema and True/False. She has been there with the RFS through the peak growth times and helped steer the organization through the down time presented by COVID. As the organization has continued to rebuild, Barbie has been an invaluable asset. Barbie will be greatly missed, but I know she will continue to be a strong supporter of the cinema and True/False.”

Banks began her tenure with the organization in 2012, and over the past 11 years has been a positive, passionate, and welcoming presence in each role she’s held. Starting as one of the Fest’s Q Queens—the flamboyantly dressed mobile information stations—then moving into such roles as Hospitality Coordinator, Chief People Officer, and Ragtag Cinema Director, Banks has consistently led the org be people-focused, financially responsible, and deeply committed to its communities. Banks truly embodies the custodial ideal of a cheerful willingness to do whatever is needed to support the team as a whole.

Liberman will serve as the sole Executive Director for the second half of the 2023 fiscal year and beyond, leading a phenomenal team of departmental heads, whose vision and expertise will carry on the spirit of collaboration into the 21st year. Under Liberman, Technical Director Travis Bird, Operations Director Grace Piontek, Director of Development & Sponsorship Stacie Pottinger, Director of Community Partnerships & Education Faramola Shonekan, and Artistic Director Chloé Trayner will continue to lead the org guided by its values of integrity, inclusivity, playfulness, and sustainability.


For more information, contact: 

Arin Liberman, RFS Executive Director: [email protected]

LeeAnne Lowry, RFS Press & Marketing Manager: [email protected]