Local and Area Colleges & Universities - Depending on the school, we can work with you on some combination of the following: 

Class Talks

T/F is happy to come to you! If you want someone to come in and talk to your class or club about the Fest, how to get tickets, or this year’s films, we’ve got a whole team of volunteers ready to visit!

Filmmaker and Artist Talks

This year, we will be offering a series of filmmaker and artist talks on Thursday, March 3rd at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Teachers can walk their classes over or students can drop in and participate. These sessions offer the opportunity for a personalized conversation with a filmmaker or artist.

Educational Tickets

This year, we’re again excited to offer a special window of time, exclusively for educational tickets, for students or educators to reserve a set of of group tickets. This is especially great for teachers who would like to attend a particular film with a class or clubs and organizations who want to see a film as a group. Find our Group Ticket Request form HERE! For more information, contact [email protected].  


Throughout the Fest, there are multiple discussions and talks.  There’s the Based on A True Story panel at the University of Missouri Journalism school prior to the Fest as well as Fest-sponsored discussion events.  Often, these are free and open to the public.  For a full list of options, check out our program.


Of course, you can volunteer! There are plenty of teams that need enthusiastic, committed, responsible volunteers. Dive into the volunteer app or email [email protected] to learn more.


Out of Town Colleges & Universities 

If you’re a student or teacher who doesn’t live in Columbia, many of our engagement opportunities may be available. For the 2016 Fest, we’re designing a route through the Festival just for visiting schools. Please contact Allison Coffelt at [email protected] to learn more or participate.