DIY Day is our specially crafted field trip for high school students on the Friday of the Fest. 200 students pan out across 12 studios and creative spaces in the North Village Arts District for hands-on workshops hosted by festival artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Students create their own “alternative career-day,” where they both learn about the artist’s work and how to craft a creative life. Then after a recap, students and teachers join the raucous March March! parade.  

Sign ups for DIY Day will be announced in early 2020! Stay tuned.


MURALmakers Collaborative

with Wildy Self

Make something big! Local Muralist and Art Educator, Stacy Self, known as Wildy, invites students into the studio at WildysWorld! Together, you’ll create this year’s wall-size True/False mural.

Podcasts, Language, and Listening

with Martina Castro

Are you into podcasts, radio, or anything audio? In this workshop, you’ll learn some of the basics of audio and learn more about the world of bilingual storytelling. Join workshop teacher Martina Castro, whose audio experience includes making podcasts and radio in both English and Spanish, as you learn about audio storytelling and make work of your own!

Doing Documentary Work: An Editorial Immersive

with Jimmie Briggs

This workshop will discuss the basic skills and sensibilities for producing comprehensive documentary projects with commercial and social benefit. Participants will be given an editorial subject or theme to develop a storyboard or mock-up on how the assigned topic would be executed on three different mediums: video; still photography; and broadcast radio. 

From Sight to Sound: Composing for Film

with Andreas Kapsalis

Explore the role of music in telling a story in film! We’ll examine the crucial relationships between composer and filmmaker and discuss what instruments are behind your favorite film soundtrack.


with Pearl Quick

Are you ready for people to really know you, and stop assuming that they know your life & story?! This workshop focuses on who we really are and uses poetry, creative writing, and drawing to spit the realest, illiest, and dopest parts of ourselves! You have an epic right to be seen & heard! Sooo come slam with me! Let’s show the world what we’re really about. #FlexOnEm 

Film Truth to Power

with Caullen Hudson and David Moran

In this hands-on workshop, students will learn practical filmmaking techniques and harness their creative skills to conduct in-depth interviews, complete with b-roll, to produce poignant, thought-provoking micro-documentaries from start to finish. Together, we will investigate authentic narratives through participatory filmmaking!

Quarks and Quasars

with Sarah Nguyen

This workshop will explore the ideas of play, failure, and imagination in the practice of art. Students will create a series of artist trading cards which explore the boundaries of their own imagination. The goal of the class is to understand the value in the process (not the finished product) of making art.

You Got NeXt: The Youth Media Revolution

with Darian Henry & Bhawin Suchak

Who controls the media you consume and how can you take that power back? Filmmakers and founding members of Youth FX and NeXt Doc Bhawin Suchak and Darian Henry discuss how you can utilize digital media making tools to build community and regain control of your own image through telling your own stories.

Instruments Near and Far

with Chris Stephens

In this workshop, you’ll learn about how instruments are made and the stories behind them. Columbia musician Chris Stephens has a passion for the music of the Silk Road. He plays instruments like the lute, Arabic Oud, Persian Tar, Turkish Saz, Indian Sitar, and Chinese Pipa. Bring an inquisitive mind and an attentive ear!


with Jenny Hipscher

In acting, it’s not only about performing thoughts and ideas – the actor must consider his or her body as an instrument on stage. In this workshop lead by Jenny Hipscher (a yoga instructor and massage therapist), you will be invited to explore a range of movement and theater techniques. We’ll use clowning, dance, yoga, and physical theater to tune into creative impulses and the present moment. 


with Carrie Elliott

Come learn about the intersection of art, science, and design! We’ll create three-dimensional sculptures, discuss how inspiration for art is in the world around us, how art can be used to communicate science, and go behind of a T/F art installation. We will build and decorate three-dimensional translucent Silver Carp paper mache lanterns to carry in the True/False Parade.


with Elizabeth Rao

Elizabeth Rao is a film producer and editor who lives and works in New York and is a member of the collective Brown Girls Doc Mafia. Her work in the film industry focuses on bending genre’s while incorporating performance art and improv. Come be immersed in the world of experimental filmmaking!

DIY Day is generously supported by the Columbia Public Schools Foundation