DIY Day is our specially crafted field trip for high school students on the Friday of the Fest. 100 students pan out across 7 studios and creative spaces in the North Village Arts District for hands-on workshops hosted by festival artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Students create their own “alternative career-day,” where they both learn about the artist’s work and how to craft a creative life. Then after a recap, students and teachers join the raucous March March! parade.  


MURALmakers Collaborative

with Wildy Self

Make something big! Local Muralist and Art Educator, Stacy Self, known as Wildy, invites students into the studio at WildysWorld! Together, you’ll create this year’s wall-size True/False mural.


with Christian Rozier

Take a trip into the wondrous world of filmmaking! During this hands-on workshop, we will produce, direct, and screen a complete 60-second film. Learn about crew positions, camera techniques, and visual storytelling in this fun and fast-paced film odyssey.


with Pearl Quick & Kelsey Kupferer

Use your words and tell the world who you are. Use your body and allow others to step into the story that only you know. Are you ready for folks to stop assuming that they know your life & story?! This workshop focuses on who we really are and uses poetry, creative writing, body movement, and drawing to spit the realest, illiest, and dopest parts of ourselves! You have an epic right to be seen & heard! Sooo come slam & move with us! Let’s show the world what we’re really about. #OnPERIODT


with Allison Coffelt

Chances are, you’ve had to write a lot of essays for school. Maybe you feel an allergy activate when you hear the word, “essay.” But what if I told you that the 5-paragraph, argumentative thing isn’t the only way? What if I told you that an essay can be a place where you explore, ask unanswerable questions, and where all you have to do is try? In this session, we’ll use techniques to get into the present moment and live the questions. If you’re ready to push the boundaries of writing as art, this workshop is for you.


with Tavia Sanza

Embroidery is a great way to customize a project and a rewarding skill to have. Learn the basics and start your fiber arts practice with Tavia Sanza. Tavia has taught needlework across the country and in this class you will learn: A brief history of hand embroidery; how to choose your needles, thread, fabric, and hoops; a variety of essential stitches; how to combine fibers practices like crochet and beadwork into your project. Tavia will help you master the basic straight and back stitches, satin stitch, French knot, couching, lazy daisy, and bullion stitch.


with Thanya Iyer

It’s time for us all to come together and write that one hit wonder we’ve all been waiting for! In this DIY Day experience we’re going to write a song! We will start from the bottom up – play music together to get on the same wavelength; improvise to let those ideas blossom; sing and let the words heal and more!


with Adrienne Luther

Speaking with Type will introduce students to the power of typography. You will pick a phrase you believe in – silly, wise, famous, or timeless. YOU decide the message you want to send, then create a font that brings the message to life. We’ll touch on serifs, san serifs, cursive, block letters, bubble letters, and more. There will be a brief history of typography followed by a poster-making workshop.

DIY Day is generously supported by the Columbia Public Schools Foundation