Boone Dawdle 2018 Film: THE GOSPEL OF EUREKA

True/False is pleased to present The Gospel of Eureka at the 2018 Boone Dawdle! The Boone Dawdle is annual summer celebration. After a day on the trail, we reward the days efforts at Blufftop Bistro at Les Bourgeois Vineyards and serve up a delicious local food picnic-style dinner, listen to one of our favorite bands, and then, after the sun has dropped, we’ll kick back on the hillside to enjoy an outdoor screening of The Gospel of Eureka under the stars, all while looking out over the Missouri River valley.


The Gospel of Eureka is a new non-fiction revelation directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher (T/F 2009’s October Country). As the sun sets in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, thousands gather under the stars to watch a lavish reproduction of the last week of Jesus’ life. Down the road, another devout crowd convenes to revel in a spirited, gospel-tinged drag show. It’s easy to view these spaces as dichotomous, but as many in small town America could tell you, there’s a more nuanced explanation for their co-existence. Operating with love, grace and a devilish sense of humor, The Gospel of Eureka captures the stories of this peculiar community — both its dark and surprising past, as well as the colorful personalities who call it home today. Narrated by Mx Justin Vivian Bond. Directors Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher will join us during the Dawdle and for a post-screening Q&A!