If you are interested in attending True/False on assignment as press, please contact our press liaison at: [email protected] or fill out the form, which will open in November 2019. Keep in mind, media passes are available on a limited basis. Come Fest season, this page provides you with press materials, the latest press releases and key dates for True/False.

True/False’s Box Office is located at the Sager | Braudis Gallery at 1025 E. Walnut St. The box office will be open the following times during which you can pick up your media pass.:

  • Wednesday, February 27: 12pm – 8pm (pick-up for all passholders, Busker Bands, & Gateway Packets).

  • Thursday, Febraury 28: 9am – 10pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up).

  • Friday, March 1: 9am – 10pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up).

  • Saturday, March 2: 9am – 10pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up).

  • Sunday, March 3: 9am – 5 pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up)

Beyond the Films

The media pass will also allow you to attend some T/F Events! Here are some we think you might enjoy: