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If you are interested in attending True/False on assignment as press, please contact our press liaison at: [email protected] Media passes are available on a limited basis.

True/False’s Box Office is located at the Sager | Braudis Gallery at 1025 E. Walnut St. The box office will be open the following times during which you can pick up your media pass.:

  • Wednesday, February 28: 12pm - 8 pm (pick-up for all passholders, Busker Bands, & Gateway Packets).

  • Thursday, March 1: 9 am - 10 pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up).

  • Friday, March 2: 9 am - 10 pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up).

  • Saturday, March 3: 9 am - 10 pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up).

  • Sunday, March 4: 9 am - 5 pm (ticket sales & passholder pick-up)                                                                                                         

The media pass allows you to “Q” for any film for free. Simply line up an hour to an hour and a half before the screening you want to see. One hour before the start of the show, you will receive a number. You are then welcome to go off and explore Columbia, grab a coffee, etc. —  just make sure you are back to the venue 15 minutes before showtime. At that point, resume your place in the queue, and the venue captain will begin to release available seats. If there are 15 seats left, 1 through 15 in the "Q" will get in, etc. BE SURE TO RETURN ON TIME. If you are late and miss your Q number being called, you will likely have to go to the back of the line, and we don’t wanna see that happen to you.


The media pass will also allow you to attend some T/F Events! Here are some we think you might enjoy:

  • GIMME TRUTH! (Showtime Theatre at the Blue Note, Saturday 10:00pm): America's favorite - and only- documentary game show in which local, non-professional filmmakers attempt to fool seasoned directors by presenting their totally true or totally false two-minute.

  • CAMPFIRE STORIES (The Corner Playhouse, Friday 9:30pm): Five filmmakers gather round the hearth and spin some stellar stories while onlookers sip hot cocoa and eat s’mores.

  • FIELD SESSIONS (Little Chapel at The Picturehouse): The sessions jettison the traditional festival panel format for intimate one-on-one dialogues between filmmakers.

  • CHAUTAUQUA (Rhynsburger Theatre, Sunday, 9:30am): A variety show bringing together all of the elements of the weekend through provocations, music, and storytelling.

  • VR ARCADE (Columbia Art League, next door to the Missouri Theatre): Carefully curated selection of the very best new interactive and virtual reality projects. Sponsored by Good Wizard.


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