True/False was borne out of a community, a group of dedicated folks who came together to produce a celebration showcasing the newest, boundary-pushing nonfiction cinema, while also emphasizing the spirit and hospitality of a small city in the middle of Missouri. Now that True/False is in its fifteenth year, its seen some amazing folks leave Columbia in pursuit of new adventures, shifting its role from home base to once-a-year adventure. Some return to celebrate with us, some return to showcase their talents, and some return to cure the nostalgia of a place and time. This year, a few dispersed former Columbians will record their journey to True/False and explore the (maybe nonexistent) difference between Home/Away.

This series is an exploration of the gray area that makes dichotomies fruitless, or at least shortsighted. The project, shot entirely on phones from four distinct perspectives, showcases the accessibility of filmmaking in the modern age. As digital technology evolves, and our global society grows smaller, yet seemingly more distant, defining where is home and away has never been more difficult. True/False Film Fest is at the center of that home/away to these individuals:
Tucker Morrison is a filmmaker and recent transplant to Los Angeles by way of Missouri. He spent seven years in Columbia making films with friends, volunteering for True/False and being a part of a community he still considers “home.”

Mollie & Zoe & Emily Hosmer-Dillard are three visual artists and sisters who grew up in Columbia, Missouri and have given a great deal of their time to True/False. The Hosmer-Dillards have created art pieces for the past FIVE years of the Fest. Now living in three different parts of the country (Oregon, New York, and Chicago), the Hosmer-Dillards return with their hand crafted hoard of paper cicadas that swarm the Picturehouse Lobby
Lavender Graves a musician from  Lavender Graves injects gritty hip hop with whirlwind breakbeats and thunderous basslines.