Announcing True Life Fund Film & The Alethea Project

On Wednesday, January 17th at 9:00AM CST we’ll announce the 2018 True Life Fund film and recipient.  We invite members of the press & community to join us for a brief press conference held at The Crossing to discuss the film, the fund, and a new True/False endeavor: The Alethea Project.

The Alethea Project is a 10-week traveling documentary screening series that will take place in large evangelical churches around the Midwest and West. The series will begin in the Fall of 2018 when representatives from True/False and The Crossing visit churches and screen recent nonfiction films with topics that invite robust post-screening discussions among filmmakers, a moderator, and a representative from the church. Film topics will include race in America, climate change, refugees and immigration, healthcare and health crises, the death penalty, guns control, sexuality and gender. 

In 2009, The Crossing joined the True/False Film Fest in presenting the True Life Fund: a crowd-sourced award to honor the subject(s) of a single documentary and thank them for sharing their story. Described in depth by Christianity Today and the New York Times, the True Life Fund allowed these surprising partners to find common values and build a framework of trust and cooperation that benefit both.

The Alethea Project is funded in part by the Bertha Foundation and Impact Partners and is currently seeking additional funders.



The press conference will be held by True/False co-director David Wilson and Crossing co-pastor Dave Cover. They will discuss the project, partnership, show a clip from the True Life Fund film, and answer questions. The event will also be streamed live on The Crossing’s Facebook page. Both organizations invite those unable to attend to watch online and ask questions via Facebook (@TheCrossingCoMo) or Twitter (@truefalse).

The press conference will take place in room 227 at The Crossing. The Crossing is located at 3615 Southland Drive, Columbia, Missouri 65203. To access room 227 please park in the main lot and enter through the south facing doors. Follow signs to room 227.


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