Announcing the Boone Dawdle Film: Lunarcy!

We’re thrilled to announce the film at this summer’s Boone Dawdle, Lunarcy! 

This wry and ultimately poignant comedy tracks a handful of obsessives whose lives revolve around The Moon.  One throwback to earlier times, Christopher Carlson, is making plans to colonize the lunar orb, while the hubristic (and increasingly wealthy) Dennis Hope is selling off its acreage bit by bit. We also meet Alan Bean, a former astronaut who can’t stop painting it. Here is a collection of dreamers – some more firmly planted on solid ground than others – who speak to humanity’s adventuring spirit and the age-old pull of the Earth’s only natural satellite.

Subject Christopher Carson and director Simon Ennis will be on hand at Les Bourgeois to answer your questions after the outdoor screening. Tickets for the 2013 Boone Dawdle are on sale now.

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