Contacts & Staff

True/False Film Fest
5 South Ninth St.
Suite #202
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 442-TRUE(8783)
General Inquiries: [email protected]
Box Office: [email protected]
Submissions: [email protected]
Press: [email protected]

Sponsorship: Holly Smith-Berry
Print Traffic: TBD


Fest Management

Programming & Guest Relations

  • Programmers: Chris BoeckmannAbby Sun, & Amir George
  • Programming Manager: Arin Liberman
  • Submissions Coordinator: Jordan Inman
  • Print Traffic Manager: TBD
  • DCP Coord: Justin Dean
  • Music Coordinators: Martin Kamau & Wil Reeves
  • Art Installations Director: Erika Adair 
  • Art Installations Team: Duncan Bindbeutal, Katie Jenkins, Anna Neal
  • Travel, Guests, and Hospitality Guru: Barbie Banks
  • Assistant Travel & Hospitality Coordinator: Blair Coleman
  • SWAMI Coordinator & Senior Guest Liaison: Jennifer Erickson
  • Canary screening committee: Stephanie Andreou, Jaad Asante, Molly Bagnall, Christianne Benedict, Burke Bindbeutel, Charlotte Cook, Liz Fornango, Jordan Inman, Becky Gibbs, Leigh Kolb, Wil Linhares, Diana Liscum, Kellan Marvin, Zara Meerza, Ashley Nagel, Jeremy Reed, Sam Roth, Dana Smith, Matt St. John, Dan Steffen, Mindy Stueckel, Jeff Trotter, Stacey Woelfel, Majiyebo Yacim


  • Office Manager: Samantha Boisclair
  • Managers of Theater Operations: Carly Love & Kelsey Rightnowar 
  • Special Ops Coordinators: Josh Oxenhandler & Liz Fornango
  • Volunteer Co-Coordinators: Cathy Gunther & Heather Gillich
  • Box Office Team: Sam Roth & Paula Callis
  • Ticket Printing Controller: Glenn Rice
  • Events Director: Johanna Cox
  • Assistant Events Coordinator: Kyle Hess
  • Associate Events Coordinator: Liz Sensintaffar
  • Booze Admiral: Mark Alexiou
  • Water Diviner: Stephen Quackenbush
  • Parade Marshal: Ron Ribiat
  • Sustainability Coordinator: Patricia Weisenfelder


  • Production Manager: TBD
  • Production Assistants: Matt Smith, Jackie Casteel
  • Audio Coordinator and Production: Doug Sonnenberg
  • Video Technical Director: Angela Catalano
  • Presentation Manager: Sarah Haas
  • Synapses Tech Producer: TBD
  • Materials Coordinator: Tracy Greever-Rice
  • Art Technical Consultant and Production: Glenn Rice
  • Lighting Director: Taylor Shaw
  • Assistant Lighting Director: Tony DeMarco
  • Construction Manager: Jamie Kroll
  • Skype Managers: Jon Lamb, Mike Boles

Media & Design

  • Graphic Designers: David Rygiol, Clint McMillen
  • Poster Design: David Rygiol
  • Sign Czar: Glenn Rice
  • Passmaster: Mark Alexiou
  • Merchandise Coordinator: Christina Kelley
  • Assistant Merch Coordinator: Nickie Davis
  • Photo Team Coordinator: Stephanie Sidoti
  • Video Documentation Coordinator: Chelsea Meyers

Development & Outreach


Ragtag Film Society Board of Directors

  • Charles Nilon, president
  • Sarah Catlin, vice president
  • Stephanie Shonekan, secretary
  • Michael Lefebvre, treasurer
  • Shon Aguero
  • Nate Brown
  • Linda Butterfield Cupp
  • Carol Hurt
  • Nikki Krawitz
  • Gary Oxenhandler
  • Jeremy Root
  • Ron Rottinghaus
  • Paul Sturtz
  • Anna Valiavska