Campfire Stories
Friday, Mar 1 / 9:30PM / Odd Fellows Lodge

Join us at the Odd Fellows Lodge as eight filmmakers gather around a "campfire" to swap tales of the scene that got away

The Creative Treatment of Reality
Saturday, Mar 2 / 3:30PM / Big Ragtag

Jon Murray, co-creator of The Real World, talks  about the rise of Reality TV and its relationship to nonfiction filmmaking.  

Documenting the Southern Wild
Friday, Mar 1 / 3:00PM / Little Ragtag

Join director Bill Ross and the Court 13 contingent (Dan Janvey, Michael Gottwald and Josh Penn) for a peek behind the scenes at Beasts of the Southern Wild and other great films. 

Gimme Truth!
Saturday, Mar 2 / 9:30PM / The Blue Note

The world’s greatest documentary game show returns with host Johnny St. John and an array of doc-world celebrities attempting to deduce if local videos are true or false. Johnny’s 1970s game show was taken off the air in the midst of a major scandal involving payola, an heiress and a mobster. After plastic surgery and a name change, Gotsick re-emerged a better man and has mostly put his questionable past behind him. The films cover important topics of grave concern to thinking individuals: the allure and hazards of deer hunting in drag, a Gentile’s obsession with Jewish culture, the scourge of blue jelly-like rain. Contestants are generally befuddled but through the tactical use of tequila are often able to gain a sharper discernment. At some point Johnny leads us in a stirring chorus of the theme song and it’s something to behold. Reserved ticket required, open to all passholders.

March March
Friday, Mar 1 / 5:15PM / Boone County Courthouse Square

What could be better than a Marching band parade on the first day of March? We always like to bring in this month like a lion and we invite one and all to join in, dress in costume, ride your bike, whatever you’d like. Free and open to the public.

The Speculative Stroll
Saturday, Mar 2 / 11:45AM / Box Office
Saturday, Mar 2 / 2:30PM / Box Office
Sunday, Mar 3 / 11:45AM / Box Office
Sunday, Mar 3 / 2:30PM / Box Office

Free-wheeling raconteur Speed Levitch, featured in the film "The Cruise," accompanied by aide-de-camp Gabriel Williams, gives us a free tour of Columbia that introduces us to a city we didn't know existed. Starts from the T/F Box Office.

True Life Run
Saturday, Mar 2 / 9:00AM / Flat Branch Park

A bright-and-early tradition at T/F, the True Life Run challenges all runners and walkers to start Saturday, March 2 with a mad dash through the streets of downtown Columbia. Registration required at the run or in advance online